How to Sew a Zipper Pouch: Triangle Edition! – Video Tutorial

How to Sew a Zipper Pouch

video tutorial triangle zipper pouch tetrahedron

Have you been wondering how to sew a zipper pouch? Do you want make something a little different and more creative? Check out this video tutorial.

My most recent video tutorials are longer than some of my older ones but so far it seems like that’s a good thing! No negative comments so far and it seems most viewers are preferring the more detailed and in-depth video tutorials. What do you think? Leave me a comment below and tell me your thoughts!

Let’s give a longer tutorial a go again with these super cute triangular zipper pouches! The video is just under 16 minutes long and that took me hours to edit it down to that length. So, I hope you enjoy it!

{Math geek note: Technically, I should call them tetrahedron zipper pouches but I don’t think that is likely to be a popular searchable keyword for search engines.}


This is a beginner friendly project that can be made smaller or bigger depending on the pieces of fabric (and zipper) you start with. I decided to make use of some Cotton + Steel  10″ x 10″ squares I had on hand and split them right down the middle. To get two pieces of fabric that measure 5″ x 10″. If you don’t mind having the same fabric for the outside and lining then all you need for fabric is that one 10″ x 10″ square.

triangle zipper pouch with cotton and steel fabrics
Supply List:

• 10” fabric squares
Rotary Cutter
Rotary Cutting Mat
• Quilt Batting
• Wonder Clips
• Iron (my favorite irons:
• Thread

Please note: some of these links are Amazon affiliate links, which means when you purchase I earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

I used a 7″ nylon zippers with plastic teeth and metal stops. These are my favorite for small craft projects like this. You can find a big bundle of zippers in an assortment of colors for less than $7 right HERE.

The interfacings I used for this project were Pellon’s Fusible Thermolam Plus and Shape-Flex. You can get these by the yard at your local fabric stores or online HERE and HERE.

You can also shop tools & notions directly from The Crafty Gemini Shop here:


triangle pouch with cotton and steel fabric

I also got a new sewing machine! Well, actually I bought three new machines- a computerized machine, a mechanical straight stitch workhorse and a new air threading serger! I’ve sent back my Janome loaner machines, and I’m selling off some of my older Brother, Janome and Husqvarna Viking machines.  Gotta sell some of the collection to cover the costs of my new ones! I had the opportunity to use a Juki TL98Q while I was at a quilting retreat in Iowa a few months ago and I fell in love with the quality of the machine. I’m over the moon with my new babies and will be posting full video reviews of each one soon. So, stay tuned for that! (Here is a playlist with all my sewing machine video reviews!)

juki exceed f600 sewing machine

If you are interested in more info on the Juki Exceed F-600 sewing machine I use in this video tutorial let me tell you it is da! I got it from Sew-Mini Things in Mt. Dora, FL. It was a two hour drive for me and totally worth it! Timm, the owner is a sewing machine genius who services any and all sewing machines (mechanical and computerized) and he sells Baby Lock, Juki, Elna, Necchi, and some top of the line Singer sewing machines. There is something for everyone there. If you live in the Central Florida area give him a visit and tell him I sent ya! He gave me some great prices on the machines and the customer service was awesome. Oh, and it’s a quilt shop owned and run by men! Love it! {More on the machines I got coming soon!}

sew mini things logo

Here is the video tutorial for how to sew a zipper pouch: triangle edition! Enjoy! And remember to leave me your thoughts on the longer (10+ minutes) video tutorials. Thanks and happy sewing!

For your next project, consider this boxy zipper pouch tutorial! The more pouches you have, the more organized you will be!

91 replies on “How to Sew a Zipper Pouch: Triangle Edition! – Video Tutorial

  • Clara Swanson

    Great tutorial! Very clear instructions. I will definitely be making several of these soon!

    • Montana Lynn

      Hey Vanessa! Was looking forward to this adorable triangle pouch tutorial! My daughters & sisters will adore these! I read your prologue re: tutorial length as well as all of the comments to date.

      This is my input. I am what is now considered a “sewist” after 50+ years of all manner of sewing. I found this tutorial to be particularly succinct – almost like a CG on coffee! LOL!! Please don’t mince words or edit any more as a previous commentor suggests! Especially with a project such as this which may not be complicated or lengthy, but by the nature of it is complex due to it’s “triangular-ness”!

      Thank you once again for yet another practical, doable, FUN project! ~Lynn

    • tempest sharp

      Hi,i have been starting with straight zipper pouches, ansi want to try this. Question is this, can i just use fusible fabric?

  • Hope

    Thanks for this tutorial. I can now do a project with over 10 7″ zippers that my mom had from 30+ yrs. so cool to find a good use for them. I like in depth tutorials as I’m a see and sew type person…find written instructions hard to follow at times.
    I must tell you I purchased a DVD. On how to redo a lampshade…..guess what I paid dearly for it and the quality of it was bad.
    Thanks so much!

    • Hope

      Do you quilt these before assembling the bag? Love when you do tutorial the color of your fabrics make it easier to see where your joining pieces.

  • Bertha G

    I made a bunch of these about 20 years ago and sold them very well in a craft show, and gave a bunch for Christmas gifts that year – and many years since. I used double sided, pre quilted fabric, and it worked great – but most of mine were a bigger size, using 8-12 inch zippers – perfect size for cosmetic bags for traveling, and a few even bigger for shoe bags. They are fun and addictive. Thanks for the reminder! LOL

  • ellen

    as always, the video is great. this time, however, i found it was a little wordy and could use a bit of editing to trim it down slightly.

    i have made them larger and used them for cosmetic bags , longer for pencil cases or makeup brush cases, and one very large one for my hot roller clips. using a bit of prequilted fabric saves tons of time.

  • Kathie W

    Fun project, thank you! I feel the longer videos give more info that beginners require and will be helpful.

  • misha

    excellent video. and the right length – long enough to include important details and short enough to keep with the idea of quick and easy! thank you for making this – you are a very good teacher.

  • Nora

    Vanessa…clear instructions…good length…sweet project! You are mindful that beginning sewers as well as more seasoned sewers view your tutorials….keeping the information / interest level well balanced. Gonna make a lot of these! Thanks…

  • fatema

    amazing tutorial…n very helpful…ty for making us learn new things…tht v can create out of waste…

  • Maria Dias

    Great tutorials, Vanessa! Congratulations and thank you for the teaching talent and clear explanations!

  • Cheryl Puckett

    Love the video and the length was perfect to me. I’m sure going to make several of these to give for gifts and to use myself. I always enjoy your tutorials. You are a great teacher and very entertaining too.

  • Jacquie Campbell

    This is the HUMBUG bag pattern. It is a copyright pattern and you have violated that copyright. THe designer has been notified!

    • Barbara

      These bags have been around for over 30 yrs. I had one when I was kid. And very glad I came across a wonderfully detailed tutorial for making them.

    • Joan Zamojcin

      One of your commentors mentioned making them for shoes. I would love to have an idea of sizing on these. I can see them in my suitcase next time I travel. Also, the triangle pouch would be fabulous for the few pair of earrings I carry. My loose change is always floating in my puse- will definitely make one to match the new purse I just made. Love your videos. I have been sewing for 50 years also, and can always learn something new. Love it!

  • Trudy Heath

    Very clear instructions and can’t wait to make this project. One thing I would like to see you do is a print 1,2,3. (what you need and step 1 step 2 step 3…..). something short and sweet…,

  • Jane W

    You do such a great job on your tutorials! I can’t wait to give this a try. What a fabulous way to use up those extra 10″ layer cake squares in my fabric stash. Thanks!

  • Nancy

    I clicked through to get to this page with the understanding that there would be wriyten instructions as well as video. Am I missing something? Overlooking them? I am old school and like written instructions that I can print and file them for future use.

    • Vanessa Vargas Wilson

      Hi Nancy. My expertise is in video instruction so I don’t usually offer printable instructions for my free tutorials. Sorry!

    • Jeri Susson

      Love love ALL your tutorials. All are easy to understand abd watching on video is so much better than written. I have to se it!!! You are terrific and I look forward to watching you helping us with our adventures in sewing. Thank you

  • Terry

    Best tutorial I’ve seen in a long while. You didn’t waste time with “fluff”. I will try to make one of these very soon. GOOD JOB

    • Vanessa Vargas Wilson

      My forté is in video instruction. I don’t usually offer text instructions with my free video tutorials. Sorry!

  • Janice Stewart

    Saw a lady at EPCOT wearing one, now that I have the instructions/tidbits I will make one soon, Thanks.

  • Letha Gunter

    I also have a Juki Exceed F-600 I bought it two years ago and it is a work horse!!! I love all that it can do. I wouldn’t trade it for anything at this point. I love it’s cutter ad the easy load bobbin.
    Your little triangle pouch is so cute… I will make a couple for gifts.

  • tempest sharp

    can i use just fusible fabric for this, i’m new, and the less bulk and things to figure out the better.

  • yvonne McCain

    I so loved this tutorial very easy n beautiful
    fabric! I’m New to quilting! I’m most definitely gonna give this a try!
    my (fb) yvonnea.mccain
    (ps) I look forward to seeing more of your

  • Carmie

    love it and can’t wait to make one! Thinking of trying a much bigger style but eliminating the zipper and putting in strips of flexible plastic and using it for a play house for my cats.

    As for a “copyright”…. It’s a little zip bag that any seamstress or crafter could design and make. I don’t see the infringement.

    • tempest sharp

      can i just use fusible fabric on this, the less layers for me right now the better.
      just a beginner

  • Mulberry Patch Quilts

    Great tutorial! i just made 2 (sorry, I don’t know how to post photos here). They look great zipped up, but when they’re zipped open the ugly seams with the end of the zipper show. Do you have any tricks to keep them hidden? (Does that make sense?). Otherwise I thought it went together great, and your step by step instructions made it a breeze. Jane

  • Celeste

    Looking forward to making this…going to try making it a bit larger. The video tutorial is perfect…you are clear and precise in your explanations and have a pleasant speaking voice. I see that you have teamed up with the Missouri Star Quilt Company on some tutorials…my other favorite go to for quilting advice.

  • JAN

    I just made a bunch of these. They are so cute and very easy to make!! I am putting a picture of them on my pinterest.

  • Beth Wright-Seeley

    Great video! Perfect length and amount of info. Every detail was appreciated to bring this project to a fulfilled conclusion. Just follow the video for success! Thanks.

  • Wendy

    I really like this tutorial! Thanks. I only recently came across your you tube channel and have been enjoying it a lot. Looking forward to your next project.

  • Mirta

    Hello Vanessa,

    Where R U girl, waiting to see what you have next and info on the sewing machines you got. Come on now you have been away too long.

  • Victoria

    Hello Vanessa, I love your triangle zipper pouches! Thank you for providing the information to make them. I am hooked.

    • Victoria

      Hi Jennifer, the triangle tutorial is great. Simply sew in the zipper and then each of the ends of the pouch. One end is sewn in the regular manner then the top end is sewn in the opposite direction making the triangle.

  • Sandy

    Hi, I love your tutorial on the triangle pouches. First time I made anything that required a zipper. I was afraid of zippers. Not anymore, you made it clear and easy and now I will be making many more.

  • Ginny

    LOVE THE TUT….and especially the way you tell how to do it, precise and clear, I didn’t think I could do this being a fairly novice sewer. BUT I DID, had to hit the stop button several times and watch it again, but just finished my first of many pouches. THANK YOU

  • Doreen

    Just made a triangle zipper pouch! So fun! I can’t wait to make more! A couple of days ago I finished the Improv Tote and that was fun as well. I love watching all of your Crafty Gemini tutorials! They are the easiest to follow and understand! Love you!Keep them coming!

  • Jools

    Thanks for this tutorial! I totally love these little pouches, so much so that I blogged about them and referred people back to your great instructions. Can’t wait to get making more 😀

  • Dawn Nelson

    Terrific video! My sweet grandma made these for me in the late 1950’s when I was a child. For that reason I, too, find it hard to believe it can be any kind of copyright infringement. If she was calling this a “humbug” bag and using the exact instructions for making it as the supposed original bag (whenever that was a bazillon years ago) yes then maybe….only maybe could someone holler copyright infringement.
    Keep up the grea video tutorials!

  • Pam Arney

    I have been making these triangle bags and love them – BUT – I didn’t like the way the top of the zipper looked on mine; SO, I made a “tab” that I added to the top of the zipper, and that finished it off perfectly. I cut a small piece of fabric, 1 1/2 X 3, ironed it in half and then folded in again, ending up with a 1/4 inch “piece:. Cut the top of the zipper off (open the zipper) and sew this piece to it. Then when you get ready to sew the zipper in, (starting at the top) move it about a 1/4 + inch in. After you are done, the zipper will look great and more finished.

    I was also using gross grain ribbon instead of the fabric for the loop and ran out of one color. So, I used some of a cut off zippers that I have, for the loop. After all, if you can make flowers with left over zipper, why not that. I really like these little bags… Thank you

  • Shelia Harasimowicz

    I watched your video an hours ago and just went and made one. It was easy. Your directions are great and simple to use. Thanks for such a cute idea.

    • Marysia

      Napisz mi proszę, jakie wymiary mają te prostokąty z których uszyta jest sakiewka oraz jaka długość suwaka, bo jakoś nie potrafię się doliczyć tych centymetrów. Pozdrawiam

  • Dianne

    I love, love, love your videos! You have given me the excitement to sew again after many years of not sewing or crafting.The video lengths are perfect…clear, concise instructions and really help make every project a success. I am hooked on you….I know sounds weird right? Keep up the great work! Also love the wok you are doing with Missouri star quilt. What a team!

  • Emmy

    Hi Vanessa! The tutorial was perfect – in time, visuals and verbal explanations. I love how you explain everything so clearly, and that each step in clearly shown in the video. Thank you for sharing. I’m headed off to my machine to start a few of these. Don’t change a thing!!

  • Sue

    Thanks for the video…I will be making these are a great instructor and make it look easy and fun..thanks so much!

  • liz

    Loved the video. I also love those little clamps/clips. What are they called so I can Google them please.
    Thank you.

  • Angela

    Hi Vanessa I’ve already come accross many other tutorials for this pouch and I was really amazed with yours. It is the best of all, specially the ziper assembling, so easy and perfect. Thanks and congratulations!

  • Bonnie Sibert

    I loved your tutorial. You have away of making things so clear and easy to understand. Keep up the good work!!

  • Randina Bliss

    I have watched several of your tutorials and find them to be exactly what I need to make the triangle pouch and the catch all fabric basket and the circle pouch. I am wondering if there are written directions following your tutorials. That is so I don’t have to go from computer to sewing machine each step.

    Thank you for your wonderful tutorials.

  • Nancy L

    These make up quickly,made for grandson’s Birthday Party favors with Jamba Juice gift Card in them. They loved them, perfect for 13 yr olds girl or boy❣

  • Lisa

    *Serger question* is it okay for serger to cut through the zipper, or should I pin, hand cut zipper, then serge? Thank you, looking forward to making these! 🙂

    Btw, I typically prefer directions written out with many photos. Glad I took a chance on your video. Very concise, but with enough detail for those who may be new to the techniques used in this project.

  • Irene Hynes

    Just found this video. Awesome! I can’t wait to start making these.
    Great detail in your explanations.
    I look forward to seeing more of your instructional videos.
    Thank you!

  • Linda Warner

    I’ve watched your videos for a couple of years now and I might say, you have progressed nicely. I craft most anything but ceramics and sewing are might main loves. I now really enjoy your videos because you explain – hummm …. completely, don’t leave anything out and at a great speed that is good to follow and your grammar is wonderful (that’s a personal pet peeve of mine – I actually won’t listen to videos that have a poor speaker). Oh, I’m an old foggy of 70, but mentally I’m still about 26. Keep on and I hope you make a fortune doing what you love.

  • Deb

    Thanks so much for the tutorial! You are a great presenter, with techniques that you explain well and easy to understand. These triangle pouches are adorable.

  • Heather Carless

    Wow. Thank you so much for the best tutorial on the humbug bag. Watched a couple of others until I came upon your blog. The best. Easy to follow. Made one for my daughter. Will post a pick. Looks like it will be one of my favourite blogs.

  • Joanne

    Cut out three pouches, sewed two for friends. Mine will have to wait.
    Directions are perfect. So easy and quick to put together. Thank you soooo much for the sour cream pouch tutorial. Joanne

  • Dawn Lunn

    I finally retired and have an opportunity to sew!! One of the first items I made was two of your triangle zipper bags. Love it and can’t wait for making more! Great tutorial, very explanatory.
    Thank you
    Dawn Lunn

  • Deborah Ramos

    Hi….love all you videos and the easy directions. I was wondering if the tutorials/videos have written instructions? Thanks again

  • Liva Engstrom

    Last Saturday s session was making little triangle pyramid pouches in our quest for zipper mastery! Some people who are more advanced than others, did some quilting on their pouches show offs!

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