Bag Making: Commonly Used Interfacings & Stabilizers

I really enjoy bag making! It’s always fun to make functional projects you can show off or gift to loved ones. I have designed and taught a lot of bag and wallet projects over the years. Unfortunately, many people are lost as to why we use a specific interfacing/stabilizer in a project.  So, in this video I want to talk about the most commonly used products in bag making projects– think handbags, wallets, pouches, organizers, etc.

I am getting ready to release my next bag of the month club soon. So, I thought this would be a perfect time to make this video!

Are you new to bag making? Do you wonder if you can substitute one product for what the pattern calls for?

In this video:

In this video I also share my thoughts on commonly asked questions. I show you visuals of fabric on each product mentioned then I show you some finished bag projects. It’s important to understand the properties of the product you are using so you know how it will react in the shape and size of the bag project you are making.

In my experience once you use a few of these products you will have a better understanding of how they are used in bag making patterns. At that point feel free to start experimenting and substituting interfacings & stabilizers depending on the look and feel you are going for! It’s not difficult, it just takes practice using them. Working with each product in your hands will be the best way to learn about each. You can do it! Give it a go.

If you’re new to bag making check out my FREE Gracie Saddle Bag PDF pattern and step-by-step video tutorial. It’s a great quick make and a good place to start understanding bag construction.

I cover the following products:
– foam stabilizer
– woven fusible interfacing
– nonwoven fusible interfacing
– batting
-fusible fleece
– craft felt

You can find some of my favorite stabilizers & interfacings (plus other tools & notions) in the Crafty Gemini Shop here:

• My favorite foam stabilizer is this one:

• My favorite woven fusible interfacing is this one:

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Click to watch the FREE video tutorial. 

5 replies on “Bag Making: Commonly Used Interfacings & Stabilizers

  • Heather Westley

    Thank you, the video is very helpful. Here in South Africa we can’t get all the different interfacings and stabilisers. Can I use tear away stabiliser for items that don’t need to be laundered. Thank you. Heather

  • Susan Sampson

    Great information! You mentioned machine embroidery stabilizers, can I use any of them for bags? I have a whole cabinet of that stuff already. . . 😄

  • Keda Ormsby

    This has been the best thing on stabilizers and interfacing I have seen! You are so engaging and explain things so well. I am a newish bag maker from Australia and I’m usually pretty pleased with how my bags turn out but I have just started a new project and I’m off to my local fabric store for interfacing with a bit more confidence!

  • Stephanie Sheeler

    Hey Vanessa, first off, I absolutely adore you, I wanna be you. Going on a cruise with you is on my bucket list !! Also, getting a juli is also in my list. Since I stopped working since COVID I’m not sure any of these will happen, but I can still dream! Can you please tell me what kind of knitting machine you have? I know I watched a fairly recent video where I thought Juice was using it! It’s going on my Xmas list. Since I list my job I’m gonna try the ok’d selling I live with my crafts and think guys machine would be a great asset! I live you and your entire family are amazing g. They should do a reality show on y’all!

    Also on my list is being able to take your bag classes! Maybe by next Xmas!!!!

    Ahhhh I just realized you’re in Florida where my son recently moved. He’s in Ft Lauterdale!

    Luv ya, steph

    Luv you,


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