Crafty Gemini Vlog Update- Sewing Clothes, Bags, Crochet & More!

I’m trying something a little new on my YouTube channel this week.  I posted a vlog (video blog) for the first time in forever! It’s not a tutorial per se but it does have a lot of information about fabrics, garment sewing tips, etc.  In this video I discuss the Halloween costumes the kids and I made for them this year, a new skirt pattern I tried out and I show you the progress I’ve made on new bomber jackets I’m making for my daughter and myself.

I’ve also recently started knitting and am looking for a go-to beginner friendly project for a cowl or scarf that I can try. I can knit and purl and have already made washcloths and swatches. So, I’m looking for the next thing to make. If you are a knitter and have a suggestion for me let me know in the comments below.

Now I’ll leave you with the video! If you like the vlog style video let me know so I can make more like this! Thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel. Happy sewing!



9 replies on “Crafty Gemini Vlog Update- Sewing Clothes, Bags, Crochet & More!

  • Diane VAN CLEEF

    Check out that is where I get my patterns from. Lots of inspiration too! Say hi to the family – Diane and Gary

  • Sheila Watkins

    I get ideas and patterns from Red Heart Yarns website. Marly Bird has lots of good instruction on YouTube, too.

    I want to learn to crochet and have been knitting for a year. So much to learn, but I get frustrated and go sew instead.

  • Victoria

    I love this style of video! And I am definitely interested in learning how to sew the bomber jacket!!! What level of difficulty would the jacket be?

  • Nasiruddin

    I REALLY enjoyed this video (but I enjoy all of your videos, creations, in-depth tutorials, sewing machine reviews, etc…). The jackets are super cute! Would like to see the finished product but also teach me how to make them with thick and thin lining. The skirt was awesome! I too have a very small waist with full hips and would love to learn tips and sewing hacks on how to either alter what I already own or learn how make my own pants & skirts which I can customize for my body shape just right. Would love to see more vlog style videos like this as well as any tutorials or beginner sewing for curvy ladies.


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