Zippered Box Pouch Tutorial

Last year I posted a quilted zipper wristlet tutorial which has been very popular.  I’ve also received pictures and emails from dozens of you who turned that wristlet into a coin purse, cosmetic bag, diaper & wipes bag, etc.  You also requested a box version of the zippered pouch and I’ve finally delivered!







If you are a newbie and dread any project that requires a zipper… don’t! This is really easy to make and I designed my video tutorial especially thorough just for you!  The video is over 13 minutes long but trust me…. I walk you through every step! Just grab your supplies, laptop/iPad and make it alongside me.

To complete this box pouch you’ll need:

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– 2 fabric pieces measuring 14″ x 15″
– 1 batting piece measuring ~15″ x 16″
– One 12 zipper
– Pins or Lapel Stick
– coordinating thread
– rotary cutter + mat + rulers
– sewing machine with zipper foot attachment

You can also buy tools and notions directly from the Crafty Gemini Shop here:

When you finish yours upload a picture to my Facebook page so we can see your cute little box pouch! We have at least five of these in my house already.  My son loves the one I made for him to keep his markers and crayons in. What are you going to use yours for?



36 replies on “Zippered Box Pouch Tutorial

  • beebee

    your tutorials are great. thanks for posting them on your blog.
    I am going to make a pouch like this one and post a photo on my blog. I hope to do it soon!
    thanks again

  • Lilmouse

    I have not sewn in a zipper since high school when they used to teach Home Economics which consisted of a sewing class and a cooking class…only sewed in one zipper then and hated it….just made your zipper box pouch and it came out pretty good…can’t upload pictures but I am pretty proud of it! Thank you very much…will be checking your blog every now and again.

  • Anonymous

    Have just made one of the these boxes – only took around 90 minutes (or two episodes of Star Trek:Next Generation < smile >). Have made several zippered pouches in the past but sewing the second side of the zip was always such a “pig in a poke” as we say here in England.

    Sadly, it never occured to me to open the zip – bit of an idiot moment there. May make a few for my house group’s Christmas presents.

  • Bronwyn

    Hey Vanessa.
    On your video, the grey polka dot pouch has a red tab at the end. I would like to add this to the pouch that I am making, so I can attach the pouch to my daughter’s violin case. What is the best way to do this?

  • Joan

    Thanks for the excellent tutorial. It was so easy to follow. I added a little handle and a ribbon to the zipper pull. I’m making the little bags for my grandchildren for Christmas.

  • redstartx

    Just ran across this video on YouTube looking for info on installing zippers into pouch items. Your tute is fantastic! Very easy to follow and your directions are very clear. I’m looking forward to doing this soon, as my sewing space recovers from the pre-Thanksgiving purge. lol

  • yusimi barrios

    thank you so much for the video! that was great! I haven’t done anything with a zipper yet, this’ll be my first zipper project. I have only one question: can you post the inside final measurements for the pouch? I want to try and make a little pouch for 3×5 study cards. 🙂 Thanks again for all your wok.

  • Trish

    Hi! I am a beginner and your tutorial is awesome and very detailed. That is why I managed to make a small zipper pouch. Thank you!! Keep on posting your tutorials – you are the best teacher!!!

  • Silvana

    Love love your tutorial. I’ve been searching for a well explained tut and instructions. Thank you,I feel I can do this due the clarity of your instructional tut. ????

  • Jaime

    HI, like to send pictures of my bag made from your instructions, I added material to zipper ends and a tag. Lining very bright and Used embroidery and decorative stitches so good on outside as well as inside.

    I believe you’d like it.

  • Mila Kette

    My daughter asked me for a lunch bag to take her lunch to work. I have some oilcloth and think this project will do perfectly–just need to change the width and length. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Lorrie Conklin

    Hi Vanessa, I recently lost my darling husband of 53 years to cancer and am feeling so lost. I have decided to return to sewing and quilting and have always enjoyed your tutorials. I have sewn since I was just a little bitty girl when my mom taught me first hand sewing and then how to use her singer treadle machine. I love sewing and have learned so much from your easy to understand and follow tutorials. Right now they are giving me back a small bit of my enjoyment in life. Thank you so very much. Your happy spirit comes across in your videos and makes me feel better. Again, Thank you. Lorrie


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