Quilted Diaper Bags!

Woo-hoo! I looooove the new quilted diaper bag I just made for myself. Since many of my friends have been inquiring about this bag I’ve decided to make them for sale. I will be posting different ones to my website over the next few days and weeks so, if you’re interested… stay tuned!

The bag measures about 18″ x 16″ and has a velcro tab closure that was embellished with a button on the closure flap. It is completely free-motion machine quilted and very sturdy!


One reply on “Quilted Diaper Bags!

  • beck

    Hi, I’ve just popped in via Hoppo Bumpo.Your bag looks great, well done! And I love the quilts below too. It’s great you are making lots of lovely things while you are also busy with your new baby. Isn’t he the cutest? I hope you are enjoying the early months,they don’t stay little long! xo


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