How to sew a Blind Hem

In today’s tutorial, I will teach you how to sew a blind hem. Essentially, you cannot see a blind hem because it’s not a complete stitch like a straight stitch. Instead, it’s something like half of a zig-zag stitch and followed by three or four straight stitches, then the pattern goes on. If you are going to sew a blind hem, do not forget to check what kind of blind foot hem your machine requires. Moreover, I will teach you how to fold your fabric when sewing a blind hem. To do this, hold your fabric with the wrong side facing towards you. Then, fold the hem to the wrong side and place pins, vertically, to hold it in place. Next, fold it back on the other side in such a way that the raw edge is a little bit out. 

If you are looking for some fabrics to work on your sewing project, you can find it HERE

Watch this video tutorial as I show you how to properly fold your fabric and sew the blind hem. 

Happy Sewing!

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