Garden Tool Caddy- DIY woodworking project

I’ve been sooooo busy this past month. That’s why you haven’t seen any blog posts from me. My apologies. But don’t worry! There are a lot of great new projects, tutorial videos, and other fun happenings brewing. I think you’ll be very pleased with what I have been up to recently.

Today I wanted to share a garden tool caddy I recently built for myself! It was a quick and easy project I designed myself. I cut the curves out with a jigsaw after creating myself a simple paper template.

2015-04-10 12.46.33

2015-04-10 13.31.24

It whipped up very quickly! I love that woodworking is just like sewing/quilting but using a different medium. You measure (twice!), cut and then glue and screw the stuff back together.  So much fun! I love the finished size and was very pleased with the outcome. Isn’t it cute?!

2015-04-10 14.13.49

And of course Juice came by and tried to snatch it away. He thought I made it for him! HA! Will definitely need to add a mini version for my little man to my summer DIY to-build list.   

2015-04-10 14.21.01

For the finish I had to go bright! You know I love c-o-l-o-r!  To help celebrate National Painting Week with Sherwin-Williams I created a video tutorial (in Spanish) that walks through the painting process. Even if you don’t speak Spanish you’ll be able to understand the process. It’s pretty straight forward and you can’t really mess it up so, it’s great for a beginner.

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 12.34.16 PM

National Painting Week kicks off on Monday, May 11th and there will be tons of projects, ideas and inspiration for you to check out on the website. There will be other bloggers featured with their DIY painting projects. So, be sure to check out the page starting on Monday. Here is the direct link to it: My painting tutorial for this garden tool caddy will be available on Monday as well on this webpage. It’s not up yet! So, check back on Monday.


I think it turned out great! Do you have any fun painting projects you are working on or need to get started? Leave me a comment below and tell me a little about it and how you plan to celebrate National Painting Week!



3 Responses to Garden Tool Caddy- DIY woodworking project

  1. Emma Carpenter May 8, 2015 at 6:19 pm #

    You are so versatile. The garden tool project looks really good. You are professional. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kelly O. May 11, 2015 at 12:16 pm #

    this was great Vanessa!! It was fun to watch the video and hear you in Spanish 🙂
    Do you mind sharing the dimensions you made yours? thanks

  3. judy May 19, 2015 at 2:38 pm #

    Hi Vanessa! I checked your website and now can’t wait to watch the video for the DYI gardening tool caddy. I check your YourTube site daily and (honestly)was getting worried that either my iPod was outdated and not picking up new uploads or something like that ;o) Yippee!

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