7 Tips for Using Zippers with The Crafty Gemini

What’s your zipper problem lately? Here are 7 tips that are certainly going to be useful while working with zippers. Various crafty projects would include the use of zippers, and oftentimes it will be handbags, zipper pouch, or organizers type of projects.

Tip #1: Get to know your zippers. What kind of project are you going to be working on, and where to use your zippers. Moreover, it comes in varieties: length, material- plastic teeth or metal teeth, and width. Some are for small pouches and purse. Meanwhile, your heavy-duty plastic teeth zippers are used in jackets, and your metal teeth zippers are used in your clothes.

Tip #2: How to measure zippers? Some people measure the wrong way, for instance, measuring from end to end. However, the right way would be measuring the zipper from metal stop to metal stop. 

Tip #3: Tip #3: Where are you going to use it for? If you are going to make a zipper pouch, then a No.3 zipper would be enough. In addition, larger big bag projects should come in bigger ones with double pulls. Then, a wallet that is stuffed with a lot of things would need a zipper with a big width for allowance.

Tip #4: If you are going to cut a zipper, then you can simply use a rotary cutter or a heavy-duty scissors.

Tip #5: What if you just lost your zipper stop from cutting? Then, go to create your own! It is easy as sewing a thread build-up at where you want to stop the zipper.

Tip #6: What if you need a zipper pull replacement? You can actually insert old zipper teeth to a new zipper pull. Insert the ends of the zipper teeth on the holes of the pull, then you will need a pin to hold down the teeth while you make sure that the ends are inserted well. If it is uneven, then you go cut it and create a thread build-up for a new zipper stop. 

Tip #7: You will sew the zipper now but how do you hold it in place? The first thing you need to practice before you jump into sewing zippers is sewing straight! To hold down the zipper and the fabric, you can use pins, clips, your washable wonder tapes, or your basting glue.

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