WIP Wednesday #77: Plastic snaps, uneven fabric & seam allowance tips!

In this episode of WIP Wednesday, we’re talking about plastic snaps, uneven fabric and seam allowance tips. Vanessa will answer questions that have been submitted by viewers regarding plastic snap installation and removal, uneven fabrics when sewing and seam allowance tips.

If you’re a crafter, you probably have a few projects that you just can’t seem to get quite right. Maybe your fabric isn’t cut evenly, or you can’t seem to get the snaps in the right spot. Don’t worry – it happens to the best of us!

In this video, you’ll learn a few tips and tricks to help you work around these common issues and get your project back on track. Whether you’re making clothes, bags, or anything else that involves sewing, these tips will come in handy.

We’ll also discuss why it’s important to pay attention to seam allowance and how it can affect your finished project. Join us and maybe you’ll pick up a few tips that will help you, too!

Vanessa is answering pre-submitted questions. If you’d like to submit a sewing/quilting question for Vanessa to answer on a future WIP Wednesday episode please use this form: https://forms.gle/D2qMCVJxfAgJHvWb7

Questions answered:

2:15 – How to install a snap

13:38 – How to remove an incorrectly installed snap

20:05 – Tips for Installing Snaps

23:18 – Why are patterns written with different seam allowances?

28:48 – When did 1/2” seam allowances fall out of favor?

35:56 – Troubleshooting top & bottom fabrics ending up uneven when you sew

43:27 – Tips for sewing different fabrics together

50:14 – Can you use a walking foot all the time?

Products and projects mentioned & used:

• Duo Project Video Course: https://craftygemini.com/shop/duo-project-pdf-video-course/

• KAM Snaps (affiliate link): https://amzn.to/3X5t5vc

• 4-Pack of Faux Leather for Kendall Snap Pouch: https://craftygemini.com/shop/4-pack-of-faux-leather-for-kendall-snap-pouch/

• Kendall Snap Pouch Tutorial: https://craftygemini.com/2021/07/kendall-snap-pouch-sewing-tutorial.html

• Clear Vinyl, 16 Gauge- 16″ x 54″ roll: https://craftygemini.com/shop/clear-vinyl-16-gauge-16-x-54-roll/

• JUKI HZL- LB5020 Sewing Machine: https://craftygemini.com/shop/juki-hzl-lb5020-sewing-machine/

• WIP Wednesday #75: Selvages, seam allowances, and more!: https://craftygemini.com/2022/12/wip-wednesday-75-selvages-seam-allowances-and-more.html

• Magic Pins Regular Quilting 1.75 inch 50 pins: https://craftygemini.com/shop/magic-pins-regular-quilting-1-75-inch-50-pins/

• 6 Tips for Sewing with Clear Vinyl by The Crafty Gemini: https://craftygemini.com/2018/01/6-tips-for-sewing-with-clear-vinyl-by-the-crafty-gemini.html

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