Wallet Club & How to Install Magnetic Snaps

Magnetic snaps come in a variety of types, sizes, and styles. It also depends on how you like to place them, some are invisible and some are exposed. Similarly, on my Flip Top Wallet, I installed one on the card slot but still, the metal doesn’t scratch my card. So, in this tutorial, I will share with you my tips and tricks on how to successfully install a magnetic snap.

Starting with the card slot where you will be placing the magnetic snap, position your magnetic snap at the center of the fabric. Measuring the center can be tricky. Instead of working with exact measurements, what I would usually do is fold the fabric creating a vertical line in the middle. I want my snap located 1 inch above the bottom edge of the fabric. Then using the lines on the cutting mat and ruler, locate the center. The center is where the small hole of the washer goes, and the two slits beside the hole are for the prongs. Mark the center hole and the slits. 

Now, you will need to attach a square shape fusible fleece at the back of the fabric, just a little bigger than the magnetic snap. You can also use a batting, fleece, or felt and just apply glue to hold it down. As for the fusible fleece, you can just iron it from the side of the fabric. 

To make a hole for the slits, fold your fabric lengthwise. Then, using just the edge of your scissors, make two quick snips on the mark of your slits.

Insert the prongs of the female end in the slit holes on the front side of the fabric. Place the washer over the prongs. And instead of pressing the prongs in, I would prefer to press it out. This is to avoid the bulk it creates when it is on top of the other.

Now, how would you cover the back of the magnetic snap to prevent it from scratching into your card? You can cover it with another fusible fleece but bigger than the previous one. Then, you can add another layer of fabric just so to have it covered completely. Repeat these steps for the male end of the snaps. Finally, now you know how to install magnetic snaps!

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