Kendall Snap Pouch Sewing Tutorial

kendall snap pouch by crafty gemini

This pouch is one of the quickest makes ever! It takes just a few minutes to make and has so many uses.

I like to keep one in each of my knitting project bags with my notions. Stitch markers, progress keepers, tapestry needle, measuring tape, etc.

If you hand sew this will be perfect for storing some thread, needles, thimble, small scissors, etc.

My kids often use these as a wallet, too! Throw some cash in it and in your back pocket. Easy peasy!



• Fabric: I recommend using these faux leather sheets we sell in our online shop. I designed the PDF template so that you could cut two pouches out of each faux leather sheet. You can also use any sturdy fabric that doesn’t fray- cork fabric, vinyl, etc.

Thread: I prefer a good quality 100% polyester thread when I make bags.

Plastic Snap Kit: I bought my kit here. (affiliate link)

Straight Stitch sewing machine: All you need is a basic straight stitch to complete this pouch. If your machine has a triple straight stitch that works really nicely as well.

Basic sewing supplies: You’ll also need scissors, sewing clips, fabric marking tool, and a sewing machine needle (I used a Universal size 80/12 needle.)

Now all you have left to do is watch my FREE step-by-step video tutorial and make it yourself!



One reply on “Kendall Snap Pouch Sewing Tutorial

  • Kathi

    I just wanted to say how much I enjoy watching your videos. You explain everything thoroughly which makes the project fun and easy! You’re doing a great job.


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