Knitting Machine Tutorial-Santa Hat

These knitting machines are all the rage this year. With so many of us staying home and crafting more this is a fab little machine to have. We bought ours early this summer and love that we can quickly and easily crank out hats.

The kids and I wanted to make Santa hats to take our holiday picture this year and after we made one we were hooked! So fun and easy to make as long as you follow some basic rules and use a yarn that your machine likes.

This handy knitting machine is not just for making hats! Many machine knitters are making scarves, fingerless mittens, blankets, etc.

I find making a hat is one of the easiest projects you can make on the knitting machine. I can crank one of these out in just under 20 minutes! Talk about instant gratification. In my FREE video tutorial I walk you through every step so you too can make a hat on your knitting machine!

crafty gemini santa hat tutorial sentro jamit knitting machine

Knitting Machine & Yarn I used:

Knitting machine I use (affiliate link):

Yarn I used (affiliate link):

Tips for Making the Hat:

#1: I have found that the machine does well with worsted weight yarn. Much thicker than that and you start having issues.

#2: If your knitting machine has 48 pins/needles you can follow along exactly with the tutorial to make these fun hats even if yours is a different brand.

#3: Play around with your yarn choice and the tension settings on the machine to figure out what works best for you.

#4: I like to put my ball of yarn on the floor or in a basket on the floor so I can pull a lot off before it makes its way through the tension assembly. This helps me keep consistent tension throughout the project.

For more tips watch the video below!

Happy cranking!

3 replies on “Knitting Machine Tutorial-Santa Hat

  • Helen Payton-Jones

    Just bought one for my son for Christmas so keeping this until he gets it. Thank you for the great video very easy to follow.

  • Pat L.

    Just ordered a knitting machine! Looking forward to using up my yarn! Do I need a different machine for smaller hats? Thanks for the great video!

  • Gail F

    Re your Santa Hat video, I noticed that you do not use the suction cups or any other means of holding down the machine. I have a Sentro (which is just like yours except for the name) and think I would have a lot of trouble with it skating all over if it were not secured. I can see that you are holding it down, but also that it appears a bit inconvenient at times. I’d appreciate your thoughts on this.

    I would like to see more videos using this machine when you are able to do so.

    Thank you.


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