Day 3 of 12 Days of Last Minute DIY Gifts- FREE Video Tutorials- Lip Balm Cozy

12 Days of Last Minute Gifts with Crafty Gemini

My apologies! The Day 3 video tutorial is a little late but trust me I have an awesome excuse.  We had an especially crazy day today on the farm!  Around 7:30am my husband wakes me to tell me Emma had her baby. He saw a calf in the field while doing the morning farm chores.  Half asleep I jump up and throw some clothes on and run out and check on them and what a beautiful surprise! Emma had mostly already dried off the baby and I peeked around her back side and see that it’s a heifer calf. Jackpot! But that wasn’t the most shocking part. You can imagine my face when I look and see a calf that looks PURE Jersey like her momma. Definitely not the Black Angus baby I was expecting since she was supposed to have been bred to a friend’s Black Angus bull. After a couple calls we checked calendars and dates and it turns out she must have been bred by a previous owner’s mini-Jersey bull before the friend’s we bought her from got her because she was one full cycle early. Phew! What a morning!! So we ended up with another future milk cow. Lucky us!

crafty gemini kids with baby calf dec 2017

Emma is doing good, baby is nursing like a champ and I’ve been giving momma some chamomile tea with molasses to help reduce edema. I’m about to be swimming in Jersey milk, y’all. We plan to share the milk with the baby calf so she’ll get all she needs and she’ll also get to be with her momma. I had to fight my kids to name her but I finally got my way and named her Claribel.

After I made sure they were all situated and fed the kids and I went to work our booth at a local craft show and were there all day with friends. My kids sold some of their handmade wares and helped friends sell mistletoe they harvested from their farm. Needless to say these cute, smart and entrepreneurial kids sold out of everything! They all went home with a chunky wad of cash. So proud of them!

kids at GLAM 2017 craftygemini 

We spent the rest of the evening with the cows and well, the tutorial is a little late. But here it is and it’s a good one!

12 Days ofLast Minute Gifts lip balm cozy crafty gemini

Click on the image above or right here to head over and watch the Day 3 of 12 tutorial featuring a Lip Balm Cozy!

Check out the FREE video tutorial below or here:

Here is a list of the supplies I used in this project and my affiliate links where you can purchase them:
• Woven Fusible Interfacing:
• Snap kit: Plastic snap kit:
• My sewing machine:

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16 replies on “Day 3 of 12 Days of Last Minute DIY Gifts- FREE Video Tutorials- Lip Balm Cozy

  • Maureen Henault

    Another great last minute gift. Thanks so much. Congrats on your new addition to the family. Love seeing the kids with the calf and selling their wares.

  • Lizzy gannon

    So easy! I make little bags or bigger with in-r-form plus to carry cell phones or sunglasses!!! I also make crossbody bags and they are great for phones, bank cards hand free for shopping! Your little bags perfect for doggy treats, lipstick, even jewelry you want to take off if you are out for a hike, forgot to take your nice earrings and rings off so you don’t lose them, keep it tucked away until you get home! Even roll up some cash if meeting friends for coffee and you don’t want to carry your Coach bag! Cute bags to make for girlfriends for the holiday fill it with a gift card!

  • Karen

    I love your videos! You make all your tutorials so easy, the way you explain them and the supplies needed..Easy to follow, understand and create the projects..Thank you for your gift of teaching.. your amazing

  • Diane

    Congrats on your new calf. She is beautiful. Since the last time you and your family were here, we have become the proud parents of two cows and two donkeys. Gary is planning on getting a heifer next year. Hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving. We think of you all often, your neighbors – Diane and Gary

    • Vanessa Vargas Wilson

      That is so awesome to hear! We had a laidback time at home. Hope to see you soon! I’m finally traveling less now. 🙂

  • Marilou

    How about if you put bandaids in them along with a smalll tube of antibiotic ointment….going to make some of these for sure!

  • Cynthia B.

    These are great!! I’m planning to make this and the other two projects for my daughters’ basketball team and athletic trainers group. I was also looking at creating something else for my students at school. Thank you for doing these. As always the tutorials are awesome. If I can find a craft fair soon, I think I’ll whip some up for that too.

  • Jennifer

    I’m so happy you are able to let baby nurse and still have enough for your family???? Thank you for giving us so many last minute Christmas ideas!

  • Sue singer

    I enlarged them to 6” X 9” because I wanted to put hand lotion in them. I changed first fold to 2 1/4”. Love how they turned out. I need to make boutique items for my guild, and these ar so fast and really cute. I ordered snaps. So much easier than Velcro.


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