January 2019 VLOG Update Video with Crafty Gemini

I’m back with another vlog update video! In this vlog I want to catch you up on some of the different projects I’ve been working on. Let me tell you, I’ve been busy, y’all!

I’m ready to chat garment sewing, quilting, knitting and even pottery with you!

I’m ramping up my knitting so I’ll share that with you! I have also taught both my children how to knit and they are now working on their second projects. Yay for raising crafty kids!

I made some cool textured mugs and a funky bowl in my pottery class, too.

Check out the video and my apologies for the hollering guinea hen that you can hear throughout some parts of the video! Is it crazy that I only noticed the sound while I was editing the video?! LOL. I’m so used to all these farm animal sounds that I didn’t even notice while I was filming. Oops!

Below are the links to everything mentioned in the video. Some of these links are affiliate links which means that if you click and make a purchase I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thanks for your support!

Gap-Tastic Cowl Pattern

Yarn I used for Gap-Tastic Cowl

Knitting needles used for cowl

Charlie Bomber Jacket Online Course

Easy Goes It Shawl Pattern by Finicky Creations

Baah Yarns- La Jolla (Green is the Colour) yarn I’m using for the shawl

10″ Slicer Ruler

5″ Slicer Ruler

20 replies on “January 2019 VLOG Update Video with Crafty Gemini

  • Beverly Thompson

    You shared a couple of lines of fabric you designed. Do not see them in shop. are they still available for purchase now that I have extra money?

  • Mary

    Vanessa, I absolutely love your videos and tutorials! It was amazing to learn that you live on a homestead farm. Good for you! I would have liked to do that about 50 years ago. I wish my granddaughter wanted to learn to knit. Maybe I will try her younger brother.
    So a quilt-along—yes, please! I don’t care if it uses scraps or pre-cuts. Thank you!

  • Deborah Neubauer

    Using layer cakes or scraps would be fine with me. I have the 10″ slicer but have only used it for 2 quilts and would like to know some other options for patterns.

  • Judith Appler

    Yes, I would also love a quilt along with regular fabrics, scraps or charm squares. I have a large stash of various quilting cottons and I really would prefer not to have to buy more precuts when I have so much fabric to use already, lol.
    I am totally enjoying and learning with some of your other courses.
    Thanks Vanessa.

  • MonaLisa Jones

    Quilt along using scraps welcomed. As new quilter have accumulated more scraps that are just waiting for a home…new quilt!

  • Lline Woodall

    Quilt Along. Yes Please. I love your videos and have never minded the repetition for newbies. Even us 20+ year quilters can learn new ways of doing old things. So please keep doing what you’re doing and we will all enjoy time together.

  • Bev Gunn

    Vanessa, would love a quilt along to use up some of my mountain of scraps (and if anyone else wants to join and doesn’t have scraps, I would be more than willing to share!) Let me know when we start-it will probably be the only new project I plan to start this year!

  • Rebecca Wilson

    Oooh, girl!!! So great to see and hear you again!! I’m really up for the quilting project. Gave up garment sewing and bag making (mostly) because quilting is my THING!! Really looking forward to “hanging out” with you again on-line. Already have my 10″ slicer and have used it a bunch so happy to break it out again. Can’t wait for the new series to start. xo!!!

  • Jill

    I like the idea of an easy, scrappy, quilt-a-long. I sew with middle school aged kids who LOVE your 12 DIY projects. And they love to walk around saying ‘I’m Vanessa, the Crafty Gemini!’, both boys and girls alike! Thanks for all you do!


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