5″ Slicer Quilting Ruler & Template


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To learn how to use the 5″ Slicer please check back and bookmark this page: craftygemini.com/5inchslicer.  This is where all the video tutorials and projects that are created with the 5″ Slicer will be posted. We are always adding content to this page so be sure to bookmark it! Thanks for your support! Happy quilting!



Are you a fan of precuts but feel limited by fabric stacks all in one size? Charm packs and layer cakes are convenient, but you either waste fabric creating unique blocks (and then have to buy more fabric) or are limited to solid squares or half-square triangles to make the most of your precuts.

You need a quilting ruler designed specifically to make the most out of your pre-cuts!

If you’re familiar with the popular Crafty Gemini 10” Slicer ruler you are going to love the 5″ version design for use with charm packs. So many different design variations using the 5″ slicer and some 5″ x 5″ squares. You will be able to whip up quilts in a variety of styles and for any occasion.

The best part about the 5” Slicer is that it provides the cutting ease of a template with all the features and versatility of a quilting ruler. The easy-to-read markings and reference points are fantastic for measuring and trimming, and one side of it measures 2.5” wide which is perfect for measuring the ends of quilt bindings.  Need to square up your blocks? Use the 90º angle to trim off any excess fabric. If you only use pre-cuts occasionally (or not at all), the Slicer can also easily be used on 5” wide strips of yardage. Cutting your own 5″ squares is a great option for busting those scrap fabrics!


crafty gemini 5 inch slicer  crafty gemini 5 inch slicer


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Weight .25 oz
Dimensions 4 × 8 × .5 in


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