WEFTY™ Needle Set of Two Sizes


WEFTY™ is made of plastic. It is currently the only needle specially designed for weaving fabric strips and bias tape, invented by a weaver.

The WEFTY™ fabric weaving needle is 5.5″ long and comes in a set of two:

  • One is 1″ wide for use with 1″ fabric strips.
  • The other is 1/2″ wide for use with 1/2″ fabric strips.

** You receive both sizes of WEFTY needles when you order from our shop.**

• For a FREE step-by-step tutorial on a basic basket weave technique using the WEFTY needle please click here: https://youtu.be/9VhYyI5SmN4

• To purchase the PDF pattern & online video course for the Over-Under Pouch click here:

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