How to Milk a Cow- Video Tutorial

For the past few years, I’ve enjoyed posting pictures and video clips of our cows on my Instagram account. I’ve heard from many of you that you’d like to see a long-format video on my YouTube channel so, I’ve delivered!

Here is my video tutorial showing you how I milk our Irish Dexter cow, Apple Jax. Before I decided I wanted a family cow I read books, joined online forums and Facebook groups, and watch every single YouTube video that showed people milking cows. Then I jumped right in. The only way to really learn is by doing it. I have three dairy cows on our homestead today and I have to alter my routine slightly with each one. You won’t really know what to expect until you have your own cow to work with.

In this video, I share with you our current morning milking routine and how I filter, cool, and store the milk. If you’d like to see more farm/homestead instructional videos let me know in the comments below!

5 replies on “How to Milk a Cow- Video Tutorial

  • janice dinse

    I love the farm videos. How long does it take to milk a cow completely? It looks like it would make you hands ache pulling so hard for such a long time. I would love to see more farm videos.

  • Sally Dehlinger

    What a cool video on “How to milk a cow.” I milked cows by machine when young. Sometimes my Dad would milk by hand.
    Before we put the machine on we had to milk out a few squirts like you did. It really gives your hands a work out and your hands need to become used to stripping because it is not easy. Your hands become stronger quickly and then one can milk.
    You do a great job milking by hand. Thanks for sharing your video…what a healthy way to get milk for your kids and all the things you make from milk. Your kids are learning a lifetime skill and I bet they enjoy the delicious milk and products. You are a go getter and great that you do all this.

  • Carol

    Great video on milking a cow. Although I live in the city and doubt I will most likely not have the opportunity to do so, it was still super interesting. Good luck to you with the opening of your fabric store. Can’t wait to buy some of your fabrics!


  • Amanda

    I’ve watched your sewing videos for some time now but I didn’t know you have a homestead complete with cows! How fun! I grew up on a dairy farm and have milked a lot of cows. We just have ducks, chickens and a big garden these days! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us.


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