Samosa Quilt Along- Video #1

Can you believe it’s already Feb. 1st?! This year is flying on by so we better get started if we want to make some quilts this year!

Today I’m starting my new FREE Video Quilt Along for the Samosa Quilt!

This is a great beginner friendly project and I’m sharing tons of tips & tricks with you along the way. If you’re new to quilting give this project a go! I think you will surprise yourself.

To get started you’ll need the following:

10″ x 10″ squares of quilting cotton fabric (the number of squares will depend on how big you want your quilt to be. I’ll be making mine with 42 squares. )

• a 10″ Slicer Ruler

That’s it! Watch the video below to get started! Let me know what kinds of fabrics you plan to use for your quilt and who you are making it for!

Happy quilting!

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