Samosa Quilt Along Video #5: My favorite quilt batting

Time for the next video in our Samosa Quilt Along video series!

By now we have already completed the quilt top! Yay! So, the next step is to gather the batting and backing fabrics so we can quilt the quilt!

In this Video #5 I share with you what my favorite quilt batting to use in my projects is and why. I even show you a few finished quilts with the same batting so you can see the amazing drape it gives the quilt without any unnecessary bulk. It is amazing!

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Even if you are not making the Samosa Quilt I would encourage you to watch this video as it has a lot of helpful information for whenever you do decide to make your next quilt.

I’ve included links below to products and projects mentioned in the video:

10″ Slicer ruler

FREE video library of 10″ Slicer projects.

Quilter’s Dream 100% Cotton Batting (different sizes & loft)

All Samosa Quilt Along videos are posted here.

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