Casserole or Pie Carrier Tutorial

This week’s video tutorial is on how to make a quilted casserole or pie carrier.  I have literally received almost a hundred requests for this project and it finally made its way up my tutorials to-do list.

I’m sure you have probably seen these out on the market and online. They are everywhere! So many different styles and sizes!  I made myself a small prototype just to work out all the logistics of putting it together and then decided to go with the size I show you how to make int this video.  I think it’s just perfect!  It will comfortably hold any square or round casserole dish or plate between 8″ and 13″ (I demonstrate this in the video tute).  You can also accommodate some rectangular shaped casserole dishes in there but you have to be strategic about what angle you place the dish.

It’s really simple to make! If you don’t believe me… watch the tutorial! You will be amazed how easy it whips up.

These make great gifts for holiday dinner parties and potlucks! Take a dish and leave the carrier as a gift for the host. You still have plenty of time to make one (or a few) for the holidays! Check out the tute and let me know what you think… I love receiving your feedback. Thanks!

I also have the video tutorial in Spanish!
Este video tambien lo hice en español!

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