Crochet Dishcloth FREE Video Tutorial

Earlier this summer I posted a FREE video tutorial and PDF pattern for a knitted Grid Stitch dishcloth/washcloth. I promised I would also offer up a crochet dishcloth pattern this year so, here it is!

ribbed crochet dishcloth by crafty gemini

If you’re a crochet beginner this is a great practice project for you! If you can make a slip knot and single crochet then you can make this! The only other stitch we utilize when making this dishcloth is a sc2tog (single crochet two together) which I show you how to work step by step in the video tutorial below! You got this!

This is my Ribbed Crochet Dishcloth/Washcloth and it is a dream to make and use! If you already crochet give this pattern a try and let me know how you like it. I prefer it over many other crochet washcloth patterns I’ve tried over the years for a few reasons:

Why this is my favorite crochet dishcloth pattern:

  1. I can make one in 45 minutes. Hello! Who doesn’t love a quick make?!
  2. It results in a washcloth that is textured enough to really scrub. Great for dishes and your body!
  3. The fabric is open enough to allow this dishcloth to dry quickly. Many of the patterns I’ve tried yield you a really dense fabric that takes forever to air dry.

FREE PDF Pattern: Ribbed Crochet Dishcloth

Video instruction is my forte but I went ahead and also created a printable PDF pattern for you. Yay!

Need crochet supplies?

We got you! We put together a limited number of supply kits featuring the exact yarn and rainbow crochet hooks I used to make my dishcloths!

ribbed crochet washcloth kit by crafty gemini

FREE Crochet Dishcloth /Washcloth Video Tutorial

Check out the free video tutorial for this beginner friendly crochet pattern below. Happy stitching!

5 replies on “Crochet Dishcloth FREE Video Tutorial

  • Monica Van Dine

    Thank you so much for this tutorial! I can not knit but I love the knitted dishcloths and I am always hunting for them at craft sales. I’ve tried other crochet patterns for dish clothes but never liked them. I LOVE THIS PATTERN! I’ve made several now. I love the feel, the stretch and the ease of the pattern. I am so thankful that I don’t have to go hunting anymore.


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