Knitting for Beginners- Video #1: Intro & How to wind yarn

Welcome to the first video on my knitting series. This is just the first of the many knitting tutorials to come. Moreover, this is a great start for knitting beginners out there. If you are having trouble understanding knitting and how to do it, then I hope to help you with this video series

This is a knitted hat that I made and there is another project that I am currently working on. Then, I’ll show you a tip about how I keep track of each round as I knit and the kind of needle I use.

Do you know there are different put-ups of yarn? A yarn cake, skein, or a hank. Also, you may not know, but not every put-up of yarn you can readily knit or crochet from. What you want to avoid is tangled yarns whenever you are working. On the other hand, there is a way for you to wind your yarns into cake yarns which are readily available for knitting or crocheting. All you need is a yarn swift and a yarn ball winder. 

Then, you should know that not all yarns are the same. Yarns vary from thickness to its weight as well as its texture. Lastly, I will help you understand the information on tags that comes with these yarns. 

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Finally, I will now leave you with my knitting for beginners video. And don’t forget to watch, especially if you want to see how to wind a yarn using a yarn swift and a yarn ball winder which is btw really cool! I hope you enjoy it!

Happy Knitting!

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