Knitting for Beginners – Video #2: Understanding Gauge Swatches

Welcome to another video of knitting for beginners. This time, I will help you with understanding gauge swatches. And how the size of your needle is a factor in the size of your finished fabric. If you read the paper tag that comes with the yarn, then you will see recommendations about the product. These are usually about how to wash the fabric, what kind of needle you need to use, and how many stitches you are going to create in a certain length distribution. 

In this video, I will knit the same yarn but using three different needle sizes- 4mm, 5mm, 7mm. I will be using the same stitches- stockinette stitch. This is when you knit the right side of the fabric while you purl the wrong side. I will show you how the size of the needle is a component in the number of stitches you’re going to make. As a result, the smaller the needle, the more stitches you create and the denser the fabric. On the other hand, the bigger the needle, the bigger the fabric, and the draper it could get. 

This is the reason why it’s important to work out swatches. Because the way you knit may not be as tight or loose as the designer of the pattern you’re looking at. The fabric you’re working on may not end up the same as theirs. In such a manner, you will be able to see the difference and compare what you should be using until you reach your aim. Also, this gives you an idea of how you want your fabric to be. Do you want it fit or maybe a little draping? 

Just think of it this way, when knitting you are not just making your project but as well as your fabric at the same time. Lastly, the information on the paper tag is just recommendations. The actual fabric that you will be knitting will also depend on your hand, the tension, and how you knit. 

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Here’s my video about understanding gauge swatches in knitting. Enjoy!

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