Sewing Clothes: Are patterns true to size?

Whenever I introduce a new sewing pattern, I always get this question: Are these patterns true to size? You know, wherever you go sizes vary. In this company, you may be a size 8, then in another company, you could be a 10. But then, in other companies, you are a size L. You see, sizes can be a number, or letters or whatever they like to call it. However, what truly matters when sewing clothes is the true actual measurements. So, for those of you asking if the measurements in a sewing pattern are true to size, here it is.

When you make clothes YOU are in complete control of the size you make.

I recently made me and my daughter a tank top from Jalie 3911 sewing pattern.  So, in this video, I will share with you tips on how to check your garment sewing pattern pieces before cutting your fabric and sewing clothes so you understand what I mean by my statement above. 

Additionally, you can find this online course at Michelle Tanks & Dress Online Video Course. Don’t forget to sign up!

Watch my video tutorial for more details on how to check the proper measurements of your sewing pattern pieces. Enjoy!

Happy Sewing!

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