WIP Wednesday #86: Mini Bags, magnetic snaps, foam scraps & NEW Bag Club!

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s WIP Wednesday! I’m Vanessa and I’m excited to answer some of the questions you’ve submitted. Let’s get started!

First up, we have a question about installing magnetic snaps. Next, we have a question about what to do with small foam stabilizer scraps. These scraps can actually be very useful! Don’t let those scraps go to waste!

We also tackle a question from a quilter who wants to start making bags about where to start. And finally I’m excited to give you details about our latest bag club!! (Sign up for the newsletter for updates!)

Products and projects mentioned & used:

• Have questions for Vanessa to answer in a future show? Submit it here: https://forms.gle/D2qMCVJxfAgJHvWb7

• Sign up for 4-Zip Organizer Course: https://craftygemini.com/shop/4zip-organizer/

• Order Foam Stabilizer: https://craftygemini.com/shop/bosalinrformsewin/

• Reina Barrel Bag Online Class & PDF Pattern: https://craftygemini.com/shop/reina-barrel-bag-online-class-pdf-pattern/

• Plastic Snap Set (affiliate link): https://amzn.to/3B3hRNr

• Soft Metallic Vinyl Fabric: https://craftygemini.com/product-category/fabric/

• Folding Seam Ripper: https://craftygemini.com/shop/folding-seam-ripper/

• KAI Scissors- Assorted Sizes & Styles: https://craftygemini.com/shop/kai/

• Bosal One-sided Light Fusible Batting 45″ x 36″ White: https://craftygemini.com/shop/bosal-one-sided-light-fusible-batting-45-x-36-white-2/

• The WIP Wednesday with a quilt batting piecing demo: https://craftygemini.com/2023/01/wip-wednesday-76-fabric-prep-needles-quilting-tips.html

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