Seed Starting in Florida in August: Zone 8b

Tough summer weather in Zone 8b- North Central Florida can be a challenge for gardeners, but it’s do-able. Seed starting in Florida this time of year isn’t as hard as you may think but it can be tricky. It’s hurricane season here and it’s rained every day for 1.5 months now. A lot of gardeners who are not familiar with growing food in our hot + humid climate struggle to wrap their head around why my garden looks like this right now. Many Northern gardeners are in peak harvest season right now. Florida is different.

overgrown florida garden in summer crafty gemini

We just harvested the last of the hot peppers and still have different basil varieties growing but that’s about it. It’s not worth the effort to battle rain, weeds and bugs this time of year for me. Instead, I spend the end of July and early August planning out my Fall/Winter garden! I order seeds, gather my supplies and start sowing my trays.

If you’ve had failed attempts at gardening in a similar region don’t worry! There is still time to start more seeds and grow food and flowers this year! My recommendation would be to start small and take notes. If you are new to this climate it can take some time to learn what the seasons are like and how different they are from more northern climates.

seed starting in florida
Starting sunflowers!

What to grow in Fall: Zone 8b- North Central Florida

Watch the video below to learn more about seed starting in Florida and see what crops I’ve started here in Zone 8b- North Central Florida. By understanding the climate this time of year you’ll be better able to plan your gardens to grow food that tastes great and makes the best use of your unique climate.

Starting Seeds in Florida in August:

Here is a short list of some of my favorite seeds to start this time of year are:

Kale, Broccoli, Cabbage, Mustard Greens, Cauliflower, Calendula , Cherry Tomatoes for a Fall harvest, Basil, Collard Greens, etc.

I’m also trying out some new plug trays for my cut flower garden. The trays I usually use feature 72-cells. After researching a way to plant more than 72 plants in one tray and came across 128-cell trays. I ordered them and this will be my first time trying them, out. I share the details in the video below.

• 128-cell trays I bought (affiliate link):

• 1020 Trays with or without holes (affiliate link):

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