Planting Seeds for My Vegetable Garden

I like to grow our own delicious, nutritious, and organic food. So, get ready with me as I start planting some seeds for the fall garden. To begin with, I am going to show you our seed starting mix. This is what we use to allow the seeds to germinate. We use this because you cannot just plant using any soil from your backyard. Then, I will show you how I plant the seedlings in the cell tray. You can use a reusable cell tray which you can just clean after using. Otherwise, there’s another one that you can use that you can just plant straight into the ground. Then it will eventually compost itself.

By the way, I got my seedlings from Seed Savers and Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, they sell non-GMO and organic ones. Also, I recently bought from Seeds of Change and they have these seeds that are USDA certified organic seeds.

After I water the cell tray, I store it inside an oven which is of course, completely turned off. In this way, the moisture and warmth are kind of contained. I will then take them out if I start seeing the seedlings breaking out of the soil. 

And since it is kind of windy in our location, we built a greenhouse and although it is just temporary, it is perfect for starting seeds. Every now and then, I put them out to get some sunlight, and when the sun is about to go down, I place them inside. 

You can buy your seeds from these online shops:

Watch this video tutorial on how I like to plant my seeds and get them started for the next planting season. I hope you enjoy it!

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