How to Build a Raised Garden Bed for Under $15!

raised garden bed DIY

Gardening season is in full swing and we haven’t been able to harvest as much as I would have liked.  It seems we are having problems with the water drainage in our garden plot.  The soil where we live has a good bit of clay in it which can cause the soil to get really compacted and drain poorly. That leads to plants having “wet feet.”  Plants don’t like to have their roots soaking for a long period of time so they won’t grow well and some even die.  So, we are giving raised beds a try! I’ve built four already and I thought I would whip up a quick video tutorial on how to make a 4ft x 4ft raised garden bed to help get you out there growing your own veggies, herbs and flowers!

This 4ft x 4ft size is perfect for Square Foot Gardening and is recommended for starting out because it’s inexpensive and very easy for one person to maintain.

raised garden bed DIY
A 4ft x 4ft and 4ft x 8ft raised garden beds I made out of 2×4 boards I found on clearance at my lumber store!

This is a great beginner woodworking project and only requires some basic materials and tools.

Before using any power tools please practice safety precautions to ensure proper and safe use of all tools and supplies. Read and follow manufacturer’s instructions for the tools and supplies you are using. Use eye and hand protection if the project requires it and of course, have fun!

Supplies you’ll need:
• Two 2x8x8 foot boards of untreated wood- I used pine but if you can get a good deal on some cedar or redwood then that would be better since they are both naturally rot resistant and should last longer.
• 4 wooden chunks of a 2×4 cut to the width of the board you are using. In my case it was 7 3/8″.
• about 20 outdoor/exterior wood screws at 2.5″ or longer.
• Cordless drill with predrilling/countersinking bits

Watch my step-by-step video tutorial on how to make a raised garden bed on a budget! I tell you what wood I prefer to use and why, the exact cuts you need, the types of screws I prefer and how to put the whole raised garden bed together in just a few minutes. It really is fun and super easy! Let me know if you give it a try!


5 replies on “How to Build a Raised Garden Bed for Under $15!

  • Linda McNeely

    Love this idea” think I will try and put one or two of them together that is if this n.c. weather every straightens out this year! thanks for the great video! Linda

  • april

    This is something I will be doing this year. According to all the gardening sites I’ve seen, it is important to use untreated lumber so you don’t get chemicals leeching into your garden soil.

  • Linda milliff

    Vanessa you are totally amazing!!! You can do it all! You are the first one I go to on tube and so satisfied with everything you do! Class and common sense. Thanks for all your help, kindness, and generosity!!
    God bless you!!
    Linda (sc)

  • David Simon

    Ms. Crafty Gemini explains this craft in a simple and inspiring way. Made building a vegetable garden inexpensive , easy and of course fun.

    Thank you !


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