Square Foot Gardening: Filling Beds & Grid System

4ft x 4ft raised garden bed

We spent this weekend filling in our new raised beds with this massive delivery of composted cow manure and organic matter that we bought. We have a lot more raised beds to make if we want to use up all this stuff! We filled in three 4ft x 4ft raised beds and one 4ft x 8ft and have barely made a dent into this 10 yard pile. YIKES!

composted cow manure

So many of our local friends swear by growing their veggies in raised beds and many of them have had great results with the Square Foot Gardening method that we decided to give it a try. Anything that promises higher yields in a lot less space, requires less time and water is at least worth trying out!

In this week’s video tutorial I tell you all about what we filled out raised beds with and how to create the grid system for a square foot garden bed.  This square foot grid is supposedly what makes this system work.  It makes sense. I can see how having the visual boundaries helps ensure you stick to the recommended planting guidelines that help you maximize yields in those small square foot spaces.

square foot gardening with kids

My kids helped me with this project and you can see their handy skills in action in the video tutorial. 
If you are not familiar with the square foot gardening method of growing your own food you can check out the foundation’s website for tons of great info or you can purchase a copy of the book. 
Have you given square foot gardening a try? If so, tell me about your experience in the comments below!

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