How to Transplant Seedlings to Vegetable Garden

One great thing about living in Florida is that while most of the country begins to brace themselves for a chilly Fall/Winter season we are getting ready to enjoy some of the most beautiful and cool weather of the year.  Which for our farming lifestyle also means— veggie garden time!

The kids and I transplanting seedlings

Our summers can be piping hot but I’m used to it- my family is from the Dominican Republic and I grew up in Miami.  Heat and humidity is all I’ve ever really known.  I had one follower recently write me to say she could only enjoy a veggie garden this time of year via my online videos because she lives in the…, Canadian Arctic! Brrrrrr. That is just way too cold for me to even imagine.
Meanwhile, the kids and I are enjoying our days running in the rain and playing outside with fewer bugs and more butterflies, dragon flies, bees and birds.  It’s like Spring all over again! Which is exactly what my gardening buddies told me earlier this year- where we live in North Central Florida we can basically plant two Spring gardens a year.  I’m now planting almost all the exact same crops we grew in March-May.  Things like tomatillos, cucumbers, beans, etc.

J direct sowing Golden Beets

This week I’m back with another gardening video where I show you how I transplant my seedlings into the vegetable garden.  As you can imagine, my 3 yr old, Jonathan, loves to be front and center whenever it comes to dirt so he makes another on camera debut in this video tutorial. He is just the cutest little character and I’m thankful he enjoys spending time with us growing his own food.

Where do you live? Are you gardening this time of year?
Hope you enjoy the video! Click HERE if you don’t see it below.

4 replies on “How to Transplant Seedlings to Vegetable Garden

  • beebee

    I enjoyed your planting video. I am trying to convince my DH to set me up a little raised bed so I can try growing a few things. Your little boy is so cute. He is growing up so fast. The little one on your back seems to like being part of the activity. so cute!
    I hope we are done with hurricanes for this year so that your garden will be ok for the fall.
    hugs from South Louisiana

  • Evelina

    I live in Greece and my mum’s veggie garden has just about had it. There are a few pepers left but that’s it. Autumn and winter are on there way here and because we had an extremely hot summer (almost 50 degries celcius) we are going to have a really cold winter. But my dad is building a greenhouse so my mum can plant here seeds in earlier..!!

  • Valerie Joan

    i wish i could plant twice a year….
    but alas, I am just south of the Canadian Artic! lol even though we are the lowest part of Canada, latitude is the same as northern California our winters are harsh! anywhere between -10 and -30 is winter! lots of snow! but i love it and love my seasons! rain in the fall and spring and harsh snowy days in the winter equal great SEWING days! Summer is hot hot hot and spent in our pool….so no sewing gets done! I have learned to knit and float! I love ziplock bags! lol
    keep up your great videos! You are an inspiration for so many newbies and us who have been sewing ever since the day we were born! ha
    Valerie in London, Ontario, Canada

  • Deborah Mitchell

    I enjoy reading your blogs. I live just east of Tampa. For me the heat is just unbearable and I grew up in south east Georgia. I live in a 55 & up park. So not much land to grow veggies. I told hubby that next year I would like to try container gardening. Our house and yard are loaded with plants. I don’t see why we couldn’t grow a few vegetables in some of those flower pots. It would be nice to not have to spend so much at the grocery store and have a few fresh veggies.


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