How to Make a Yarn Cozy- Sewing Tutorial with The Crafty Gemini

Welcome to another tutorial! This time I will teach you how to make a yarn cozy. It is a quick and easy project. You will find this convenient when you are knitting or even crocheting because it keeps the yarn together and it doesn’t fall apart on you as you run out of yarn cake. Also, this a great gift idea for your friends who love to knit or crochet

I made use of cotton spandex and double brushed polyester spandex fabric. I would not recommend using your 100% cotton knit fabric because that kind of material doesn’t go back to its original length after it has been stretched so much. Also, I will show you the difference between how stretchy these fabrics can get. The stretch capability and direction of some fabrics vary. 

Another thing to consider is the stitches that you will be using when working on these kinds of fabrics. Straight stitches are not applicable because when these fabrics stretch those stitches will most likely pop out. Otherwise, zigzag stitches are great for stretchy fabrics especially shorter and narrower stitches. You can use a stitch length around a 2.0 mm width and 2.0 mm length. Additionally, I used a polyester thread and an 80/12 ballpoint needle. 

If you are looking for a cotton spandex fabric or a double brushed polyester spandex fabric, then click HERE

And since you are working with stretchy fabrics, then you will certainly need ballpoint pins. You can find it HERE.

Also, check out these yarn cozies in different cute designs. Click HERE

Here is the video tutorial on how I make a yarn cozy. Enjoy!

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