How to Make Fabric Straps for Bags & Backpacks Tutorial by The Crafty Gemini

On your next bag making project, this is quite handy. Fabric straps are almost used anywhere. A strap for your wristlet, for your backpack, or handbags and more. Additionally, on my 2017 bag of the month club, I will be having a new project which is my Allie Mini Backpack named after my daughter.

Don’t forget to check out the video tutorial where I’m gonna be using fabric from my Dominicana Fabric collection.

Here are the steps for making fabric straps for bags and backpacks:

To begin with, cut the fabric depending on how long you need your continuous strap to be. In my case, I will cut 2 three-inch wide and 80-inch long fabrics. Then, lay down one fabric with the pretty side facing up and the other fabric with the pretty side facing down. Let the two overlap at the ends, as a result, creating a backward “L” position.

Attach a pin to hold the fabric strips in place. Then, draw a diagonal line from the top right end to the bottom left where the two fabrics meet, right at that point.

Next, stitch on the line you drew, sewing the two fabrics together. Cut the excess fabric. It is the fabric at the bottom of your stitch but cut about a quarter of an inch away from the stitch you made. Lay the fabric pretty sides facing down. Then, press the seam open and iron it. 

Now, cut strips of foam stabilizers. I will cut mine at a measure of ⅞ wide on my ruler. If your foam stabilizers are not a continuous 80-inch long, then you can sew it together using a zigzag stitch at around 5.0-7.0 mm. Do not overlap the ends of the foam, instead just butt them together. 

Lay the fabric pretty sides facing down. Place the foam on one edge of the fabric making the raw edges align. Then, using a straight stitch, sew a quarter of an inch in, from the edge. Lay the fabric in such a way that the foam is at the top edge, then apply glue on the fabric. Fold it on itself making sure that the foam is all the way back. Then, press it with an iron.

What you are going to be left with is a leftover fabric with raw edges. In order to conceal the raw edges, fold it in. Then, iron to set. Apply another glue after ironing, fold it over on to the strip itself, then press with an iron to set. 

Overall, what you have by now is a continuous strap with a seam at the center on one side and no seam at the other side. Sew a straight stitch on the seam and on both edges of the strap to make sure it is held in place.

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