Gracie Saddle Bag Video Tutorial by Crafty Gemini – Video 2 of 2

Welcome to part 2! This is a continuation of my Gracie Saddle Bag video tutorial. If you are new here kindly check out part 1. I am now going to teach you how to construct the outer body piece of the bag.

Step 1:

Fold the outer panel and the gusset crosswise. Then find the center and mark. Match the center mark of the panel and the gusset with a clip. Remember that the pretty sides should be facing together. Sew the edges, one panel at a time. Similarly, repeat the same step with the other panel.

Step 2:

Apply woven fusible interfacing on the lining pieces. Use a larger seam allowance on the lining than what you use with the outer fabrics. Then, sew the lining gusset and the lining fabric, leave an opening to allow you to flip the fabric right side out. Do the same with the other lining fabric but with no opening. 

Step 3:

Install the magnetic snap on to the outer body piece. Make sure to install it in the middle. Then, cut out two rectangular fabrics to be used for the loops. Lay down the fabrics with the pretty sides facing down, fold vertically to find the center crease. Then, fold the raw edges into the center, and fold again to the initial center crease. Apply glue and iron to set. Next, topstitch both the long edges of the fabric.

Insert the fabric to the D ring and bring together the edges creating a loop. Topstitch as close as possible the raw edges of the fabric. Then, sew the loops into each side of the outer gusset. Make sure to extend the raw edge of the loop past the top edge of the gusset. Baste stitch the loop to the gusset.

Step 4:

Now, sew the raw edge of the flap to the raw edge of the back of the bag. Make sure that your seams are lining up on the sides. Place clips to hold it in place. Then, trim the seam allowance of the lining fabric to reduce the excess bulk. Do not trim at the opening. 

Step 5:

By this time, the fabric lining should be with the pretty sides on the inside while the outer part of the bag has pretty sides on the outside. Then, slip the outer part of the bag on the fabric lining. Make sure that the gusset seam lines are aligned. Slip the loop and the flap inside the fabric lining. Place clips on the top edges to hold the fabric together.

Then, backstitch all over the opening of the entire bag especially on the loops where the weight of the bag is gonna be. Flip the bag right side out from the opening on the fabric lining. Stitch the opening and push the lining in. Then, iron press to set. 

Lastly, topstitch from the back of the gusset on one side across the front top edge of the bag and on to the back of the gusset on the other side. Sew a strap from a fabric of your choice. Insert one end of the strap on the D-ring while on the other end, slip the slider before inserting the end on the D-ring. 

Finally! Enjoy your Gracie Saddle Bag! This is just one of the many fabulous bags I have created. At the same time, don’t forget to check out more of my bag videos and patterns.

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