Gracie Saddle Bag Video Tutorial by Crafty Gemini – Video 1 of 2

In this video tutorial, I will teach you how to make my Gracie Saddle Bag. It is beginner-friendly and a great start for any bag making projects. Besides, it only requires 1 pattern template!

Meanwhile, don’t forget to download the pattern you need.

Step 1:

Cut the template, apply glue on one edge then overlap the edges. Then, using the template piece, cut out fabrics you need for the lining, the woven interfacing, foam stabilizers, outer fabrics, and flat fabrics.

Step 2:

Apply woven fusible interfacing to the lining fabrics and gusset lining. On the other hand, for the outer fabrics, lay it down over the foam interfacing and baste the edges. You can choose to quilt or baste it then sew the outer edge. Cut the excess foam. Then, repeat the same step for the outer gusset. 

Step 3:

For the flaps, cut out two fabrics with the same template you used for the body of the bag. Lay it down a foam interfacing, draw diagonal lines, until you come up with a pattern for a complete cross-hatching. Stitch right on the lines you drew as well as on the edges of the flap. Then, iron to erase the chalk marks. 

Step 4:

For the inside lining of the flap, cut the fusible interfacing of the same size. Fuse the wrong side of the fabric to the interfacing then, install the male end of the magnetic snap.

Step 5:

To make the piping, cut a bias strip that is gonna fit the piping. Find the center crease of the strip and apply glue. Then, place the piping on to the center crease and again, apply glue. Fold the strip in such a way that the upper raw edge meets the lower raw edge. Then, iron to set.

Step 6:

Pair the flaps together with the pretty sides facing in and the piping in between the edges. Clip the piping to hold it in place. Then, sew as close as possible to the piping without stitching on it. Trim on the seam allowance to get rid of the bulk. Lastly, flip the flaps inside out and baste stitch the raw edges on top.     

Finally, you’re done with part 1 of my Gracie Saddle Bag tutorial, don’t miss part 2!

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