Snap Pouch Tutorial with Machine Embroidery Applique – Video 2 of 2

Welcome to part 2 of my Snap Pouch tutorial! If you are new here, please don’t forget to check out part 1 where I made the applique design for this pouch.

Step 1:

To get you started on the second part of this tutorial, grab the two outer fabrics. Then, place one fabric over the other. Both fabrics should have pretty sides facing in. After that, measure two and a half inches down from the top edge and mark. Repeat these steps with the lining fabrics. However, mark another three or four inches, lengthwise, in the middle of the bottom edge of the lining fabric. This is going to be the opening to allow you to flip the fabric right side out.

Step 2:

Backstitch the outer fabric from the top mark and across the bottom edges on to the other mark. Then, stitch with a quarter of an inch allowance. Do the same with the lining fabrics but do not stitch at the opening. Trim an angle on the bottom corners of the outer fabrics and then trim the excess seam allowance. Repeat these steps with the lining fabrics.   

Step 3:

Open the outer fabric and lining fabric. Match up the raw edges. Match one lining to one outer and another lining to another outer. Then, backstitch these remaining raw edges. This is going to be at the top of the mark you made previously. Similarly, trim an angle on corners and trim the excess seam allowance.

Turn the fabric pretty sides out through the opening. Topstitch the opening afterward. Push the lining inside the outer fabric. Then, iron press to set.  

Step 4:

Fold to the inside the remaining two and a half inches fabric on top. As a result, this should create a hole on both sides. Topstitch the folded edges while backstitching the beginning and the end. Then, insert the hardware on the holes. Lastly, seal the end of the hardware. 

I hope you’re now ready to make your snap pouch and if you are looking for more applique designs, check this out.

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