Snap Pouch Tutorial with Machine Embroidery Applique – Video 1 of 2

A Snap Pouch is convenient, easy to use, and a great idea for gifts. When you squeeze on both ends of the pouch, it’s gonna pop right open, and when you let go, it just snaps back shut.

This tutorial has two parts. On part 1, I am going to show you how to make the applique design of your snap pouch using the embroidery machine. Moreover, on this sewing project, I am going to use one of my fabrics from my Dominicana Fabric collection. Here’s what you’re gonna be needing:

Outer fabric (2) 4.5″ x 7″
Lining fabric (2) 4.5″ x 7″
Fabric for applique background 3″x 3″
Paper-backed fusible web 3″ x 3″

Step 1:

To begin with, cut two outer fabric pieces quilt them on a cotton batting, or apply a spray adhesive. Then, trim the batting to the exact dimensions of the outer pieces. On one outer fabric, measure two and a half inches down and mark with a little arrow going up. Then, below this line, mark the fabric to locate the center where you want to place your applique.

Step 3:

Set up the stabilizer in the hoop. Then, place the fabric on the stabilizer. You can use an adhesive spray to hold the fabric in place.  Don’t forget to install first the bobbin before placing the hoop in the machine.

Step 4:

Meanwhile, I will be using a USB for my pattern. On the top right of the screen of my embroidery machine, you will see a box showing the first part of the design or the placement line. Before starting, make certain that the needle is pointing on top of the center mark on your fabric. In order to do this, just click at the arrows on your screen. Following that, just lower the presser foot and let the machine start sewing the design.

Step 5:

Prep the applique fabric with the paper-backed fusible web and place it over the placement line. Then, lower the presser foot and let the machine start sewing. Afterward, remove the hoop and carefully snip the excess fabric right outside the stitching line.

Step 6:

On the other hand, on the machine screen, you will find the next step which is a nice filled-in satin stitch to seal off the edges of the applique fabric. Lastly, the machine will embroider the final design which is in the middle. 

At this time, you have your applique design. However, to continue making your Snap Pouch, don’t forget to check out part 2!

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  • carol morano

    This message is for the crafty gemini, I want to tell you that I watched your paper piecing video and of all the ones on the you-tube yours was the best by far. I want to thank you and you have made me a follower of yours forever.


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