Beginner Machine Embroidery Project #2- Free standing lace tutorial

For beginners who want to learn machine embroidery, I will teach you how to make a free standing lace design using my Baby Lock Spirit stand-alone embroidery machine. 

The supplies that you’re gonna need for this project are water-soluble stabilizers, I will use my wash-it away plus stabilizer, threads, and an embroidery hoop. However, I would recommend a rayon or your regular polyester embroidery thread. 

Step 1:

Lay the stabilizer inside the outer embroidery hoop, and place the inner hoop over. Then, tug the stabilizer on the sides to make it nice and taut. Wind the thread on the bobbin and slip the hoop into the machine. On this machine, you don’t have to thread the needle yourself, just click on the needle threader button and the machine will thread itself.

Step 2:

Meanwhile, you can have a USB plugged in the machine for your free standing lace pattern. Click on the USB icon, choose your design, then click embroidery. Go over your screen at the bottom, click on the icon with the needle slash a plus and minus sign. This will allow you to move back stitches in the stitching of the design or forward stitches. Then, click +1 to take you to the first stitch of the design. 

Tip: When you are doing a stand-alone embroidery design, do not resize or enlarge it.

Step 3:

Bring the bobbin thread up before you start stitching. As a result, this would prevent any thread tails or knots at the back of the lace design. Hold on to the 2 threads and let it run about 6-7 stitches and snip the thread tail after. When the machine is finished stitching the background grid, go over your screen and it will now show the satin stitch that will conceal the lace edges.

If you chose a different thread color for the satin stitch, then the machine will stop after stitching the background grid. At this time, you can change the bobbin with the thread color of your choice.

Now, the machine will stitch the last design but, don’t forget the steps to prevent the thread tail from showing at the back. 

Finally, rinse the embroidery design in warm water and pat it dry with a cloth after. But do not wring it off or you’ll end up ruining the stitches.  

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