Jalie Nico Raglan T-shirt: Video #4- Sew Along with The Crafty Gemini

Finally, we’re down to video #4 and the last from my Jalie Nico Raglan T-shirt Sew Along video series. Here’s a quick recap in the previous videos. In video #1, I teach you how to read and understand the size chart. Then, in video #2, I show you how to properly cut the fabric using the pattern pieces. Further, in video #3, I give you tips and tricks on how to sew the fabric pieces together. Now, to finish it off, let’s do some hem works on the sleeves and on the bottom edge of the T-shirt. 

To begin with, turn the shirt wrong side out. Then, flip the bottom edge and edge of the sleeves towards the wrong side. Iron press, steam it, and set it in place with a clapper. Meanwhile, the measurement of the hem is up to you, while in my case, I folded it about a quarter of an inch. On the other, if you are not that confident with just folding it, then you can use a hem guide or a seam gauge. Lastly, stitch the hems.

In stitching the hem, make sure that you are feeding it through the machine with the pretty side facing towards you. Moreover, do not stitch too far up the folded hem under, or stitch too close at the bottom edge neither. As a result, if you stitch too far up, then you’re going to stitch one layer only. Then, if you stitch too far down, it’s going to cause the bulk of the hem to pop out. Additionally, I used a zigzag stitch at a length of 2.4 mm and at a width of 4 mm, and a seam allowance at about ⅝. 

Finally, this is the end of making the Jalie Nico Raglan T-shirt! I hope you enjoyed it! Now, you go make your husband and son this T-shirt. Grab your Jalie 3669- NICO Boys/Men’s Raglan Tee Sewing Pattern HERE

You can find cotton/spandex fabric HERE

Btw, I have this in female version! Check out this Raglan T-Shirt Online Video Course and learn how to make Raglan T-shirts for women and girls! 

Watch video #4 and check out how I make the Jalie Nico Raglan T-shirt for my husband.

Happy Sewing!

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