Jalie Nico Raglan T-shirt: Video #3- Sew Along with The Crafty Gemini

Finally, we are sewing our T-shirt! If you haven’t seen the previous video, then you can start with video #1. To begin with, since you are sewing through cotton spandex, better to use a jersey ballpoint needle. I find it works very nicely with this kind of weight of fabric. Then, don’t forget to stitch with a quarter of an inch seam allowance. Moreover, stretch the fabric a little bit or give it a bit of a tug as the machine pulls it through. As a result, when you stretch it after the seam has been sewn, the stitches don’t pop out on you. 

If you are new to sewing garments, then here’s a tip for you. When sewing together the flat fabrics, in such a way that you come up with a 3D shape of the shirt, it might throw you off. This is because at the moment you can’t mentally visualize the garment coming together. However, the key to this is to only focus on the sides, or the seam that you pinned together and forget about the rest of the fabric first. Overall, orient your fabric in such a way that the pretty sides are touching. Then, match the notches properly. And lastly, place the pins along the right side of what you are going to sew. Follow these, then you are doing great. 

Btw, I also have a tutorial for making Raglan’s t-shirt and tank top for women. I teach a video course on it that includes 32 step-by-step instructional videos. You can find it HERE.

jalie 3245 raglan t-shirt online class by crafty gemini

  • Grab your Jalie 3669- NICO Boys/Men’s Raglan Tee Sewing Pattern HERE
  • You can find cotton/spandex fabric HERE

Watch video #3 as I sew the Jalie Nico Raglan T-shirt. Enjoy! See you in my next video!

Happy Sewing!

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