Jalie Nico Raglan T-shirt: Video #2- Sew Along with The Crafty Gemini

I am back for video #2 on how to make a Jalie Nico Raglan T-shirt! If you missed video #1, then don’t forget to check it out. I mentioned all the details you need to know about the size chart. On the other hand, in this video, I will show you how to cut the fabric using the pattern pieces that I cut. Also, it is important that you know the amount of stretch of the fabric. You can watch my previous sew along videos to know how exactly to measure the knit fabric to see if the fabric has the amount of stretch needed.

Meanwhile, I use pattern weights to hold down the pattern pieces while I cut around it. Additionally, when cutting the neck binding make sure to cut it out on the fold and the length is running along the greatest degree of stretch of the fabric. Then, when matching the fabrics, you can take a look at the notches. For sewing stretch knit as well as most of my fabrics, I use 100% polyester thread. It definitely holds up better to the stretching of the garments. Now if you don’t have a serger, then you can use a regular sewing machine with zigzag stitches. 

  • Grab your Jalie 3669- NICO Boys/Men’s Raglan Tee Sewing Pattern HERE
  • You can find cotton/spandex fabric HERE

Watch video #2 of my Sew Along video series: Jalie Nico Raglan T-shirt. Enjoy!

Happy Sewing!

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