Rotary Cutting Tip for Beginners- Crafty Gemini

I will share with you a rotary cutting tip that will come in handy for beginners in quilting. What are rotary cutters? These are cutting tools often used in quilting. Most of the time it gives you a clean cut than using a pair of scissors. Well, unless you can cut straight with your scissors. It is also good at cutting through curves and it comes in a variety of sizes.

Since this is your first time to use a rotary cutter, it is no surprise that you might be using it the wrong way. Therefore, you are cutting ineffectively. Try to observe when cutting, there will be areas that were cut and some were not. Well, chances are you have a blunt blade and it’s time to change it. But it’s not always the case. Check yourself, how do you hold a rotary cutter? There is the right way to do hold it to get the desired cut you need. You can neither hold it at a 90 degrees angle nor hold it too low. Also, you will notice a cutting sound and it’s different when you have a clean-cut versus a cut where you missed some areas. To demonstrate what I’m trying to say, here’s a video to further help you with rotary cutting. Happy quilting!

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