How to Sew Sunglasses Case – Sewing Tutorial

Welcome to another tutorial! This time I will teach you how to sew a sunglasses case. It is quick and easy and most of all you can do this out of your fabric scraps. Also, it is perfect to give as a gift this holiday season. Here are the supplies I got to start with my sunglasses case:

Lining fabric (2) 10” x 10”
Inner form plus 8” x 7”

Cut both fabrics into 8” x 9”. Lay the one fabric with the pretty sides facing down. Then, place the inner form plus over the fabric. Position it at the center having about an inch of seam allowance in all four sides. After that, fuse the two by pressing with iron but through the fabric side. 

Lay the other fabric over the other with pretty sides facing down. As a result, both fabrics should have its pretty sides touching. Stitch all four sides of the fabric. However, leave an opening at one of the short sides. Kindly take note that you are not stitching through the foam at this time. Then, trim the corners to reduce the bulk on the sides. Flip the fabric pretty sides out through the opening. The foam might move a little but you can certainly fix that after flipping the fabric. Now, fuse the other fabric to the inner plus form by pressing with an iron. Also, just tug the fabrics through the opening so that the seam allowance will roll to the inside. 

From the fabric scraps previously, cut a 2” x 4”. Lay the fabric with the pretty sides facing down. Then, fold the fabric lengthwise creating a center crease. Open the fabric and fold the edges to the center crease. After that, refold it to the initial fold. Iron press during every fold. Then, topstitch to hold it together.  

This is the part where you decide what side is your inner fabric. Take note that when you fold the fabric, the longer sides should be at the horizontal facing towards you. So, you will fold the fabric vertically. You will see if you do it the other way because the case will appear longer and the opening narrower in which your glasses won’t fit. 

Topstitch the edge of the fabric which will become the opening for your case. Then, fold your fabric and insert the tab. The loop should be inside in between the folded fabric. Now, stitch the sides except for the opening. Then, flip the fabric inside out and give it a good press. 

Finally, you’re done with your sunglasses case, now check out mine. And since this has a lot of iron pressing, don’t forget to watch this tutorial on how to make a mini ironing board.

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