Quilt Market Recap- Part 1

It’s been a busy 10 days on the road for me. I was traveling to Houston, TX to attend International Quilt Market and Quilt Festival. Quilt Market (a.k.a- Market) is an industry trade show that is not open to the public. It’s mostly manufacturers, and distributors looking to get more quilt shops to carry their products. The attendees are mostly quilt shop and small quilty business owners looking for new fabric collections, products, patterns and more! Quilt Festival (a.k.a- Festival) is open to the public and is mostly quilt and other crafty shops selling to the direct consumer. I was able to pick up some really cute stuff and some new products to try out in future projects.

Front of George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, TX

There is no way I could post all the pics and give you a recap of all I saw and did in Houston in just one blog post so there will be a few more. This is the first one…

A HUGE thanks to every one of you who stopped me in the aisles or hollered my name as you walked by to say and/or snap a picture with me. I really appreciate your support! It may sound weird but I love to meet my followers in person because I’m intrigued by the mystery of who the face on the other side of the computer screen belongs to. For me, it’s like I create all this video content, put it on the web and that’s it. I know someone is watching because I see the numbers and read the comments but when I can actually put a face to a name it’s so special!

Here are a few pics of some of the Crafty Gemini fans I met at Market and Festival!
It’s Stuart from the Great British Sewing Bee! He watches my videos!

Hayden from Timeless Treasures Fabrics watches my videos! Yay!
Here are some more pictures of Market with descriptions below each one:
The very talented Angela Walters and I.

At Angela Walters’ booth. Gorgeous new fabric collection & book coming out!
Modern Quilt Guild Meetup at Market!

I also helped by quilty friend Ebony Love set up her booth for Market. {Note to self- don’t ever plan to have your own booth at a trade show… way too much work!}

The before picture of Ebony’s booth. WIsh I would have taken an after pic! BIG DIFFERENCE!

My buddies- Margaret Travis of Eazy Peazy Quilts and Bob, Owner of Bosal Foam & Fiber.

Maragret is my quilty mom! She is amazing! Make gorgeous projects and is so generous with her knowledge of the industry.

Ok, y’all! That’s it for this post. I’ll post another one later this week… or tomorrow if I get around to it.

Have you ever been to Market or Festival in Houston?

2 replies on “Quilt Market Recap- Part 1

  • mumziepooh

    Festival was a blast – and a budget blower! My daughter and I took classes, shopped until we dropped and view some beautiful quilts – we are still in recovery! So lucky to live in Houston and be able to do this!

  • Anonymous

    Enjoyed the festival!! Saw you at the “Scan” booth and yelled at you on Thursday. “There’s the Crafty Gemini” Hope it didn’t distract you from your presentation. Looked very interesting and you did a nice job. Fun to see you in person, just as beautiful as I had thought!!!!!


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