AHH! One of our Black Australorp hens just hatched out 6 gorgeous little balls of fluff! The kids and I went out in the morning and I hear my son screaming, “Mama, come see! Come see!” So I run over and there she was with her babies just walking around the farm like it was no big deal.

You may be wondering why we are so excited to see baby chicks if we keep roosters and hens on the farm. They are bound to have babies, right? Well, no. Not necessarily. We had one rooster and 3 hens for over a year and none of the hens ever went broody long enough to hatch out any eggs. Their breed was more for consistent egg production, not for being a great mama.

So, for us this is HUGE! The second part of the surprise is that we weren’t sure if she was broody or not. We have over 40 chickens that free range 24/7. Yup. I’m not kidding. So, yea… they are a little tough to keep track of. No predators get them because we have four dogs that keep everything away. So, it works. They sleep in trees and roam our 5 little acres all day long. So, as you can imagine- they lay eggs wherever they want to. We go on egg hunts every day to locate them although we have a few different tricky systems in place to get them to lay in the same place every day. But our tricks don’t always work and they change spots. It’s a little crazy but fun! I love that my kids get to experience little things like this right in their backyard.

When’s the last time you saw baby chicks?

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