Mini Ironing Board- DIY Video Tutorial

I received so many emails and comments about my quickie tutorial on mini ironing boards since I posted about it HERE that I decided to make a video tutorial on how I made mine.

These are just so easy to whip up and there is NO SEWING involved. 
I hope this video inspires you to be a little more resourceful with old & damaged items in your home. I love repurposing stuff into something functional and practical. 
Or if you’re reading this on my blog you can watch it below in the video player. 

4 replies on “Mini Ironing Board- DIY Video Tutorial

  • Karin

    Love this nice job….. and I just redid a room to make a whole new sewing room posted on my blog and this would be a great addition when I get all organized.

  • Liz Dickup

    You are so easy to understand & personable (which is great) I feel comfortable using your video tutorials.
    Plus you are cute & real down to earth. I appreciate!

  • Felicia

    Great idea! I made one with poster board and some old fabric worked pretty good but it’s duck tape holding it all I am going to repurpose it with wood and batting for a better look. I am a Gemini too lol creative minds so fun


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