If you frequent YouTube you’ve probably noticed the channel page changes.  Seems like every year they revamp the whole thing and try to make it more user friendly.  This time when you visit a channel the landing page has everything right there for you, including a channel trailer.  It’s a short video you upload to let new visitors know what they can expect to find on your channel.

I finally got around to posting mine and so far the response has been great! Watch it HERE.  Feel free to share this post or the video link with any family/friends that you think may be interested in my videos.

My audience is steady growing with about 1,200-1,500 NEW channel subscribers EVERY WEEK! Thank you all for your support! I recently broke 60,000 subscribers and I’m not too far from my goal of hitting 100,000 this year! 

Another milestone for TheCraftyGemini YouTube channel!

By being a subscriber to my channel you receive email notifications when I post new video tutorials.  That way you don’t miss out on any new ones!  To subscribe to my YouTube channel you do need to have a YouTube account.  No worries, it’s FREE and you don’t need to upload any videos to have an account.  It just gives you access to all of YouTubes features for things like- subscribing to channels you enjoy, creating your own playlists of videos you find on YouTube that you want to sort out into categories for future reference, ability to “Favorite”a video for easy locating next time you want to watch it, comment on videos, send and receive private messages on YouTube without giving out your personal email address, etc.

It’s easy to create an account just go to: http://www.youtube.com for details.
To SUBSCRIBE to my channel CLICK HERE.
If you are reading this post on my blog here is my YouTube channel trailer below. 
If you are reading this in your email CLICK HERE to watch the video trailer.

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