Craftsy deal just for you!

I’m still here! It’s been a few weeks since I’ve blogged… but I’m back.  This past month has been crazy…. I have been working on a secret project that I can’t reveal to you just yet.  I’m so excited to spill the beans in the next few weeks I can hardly contain myself!  This new secret has been taking most of time every single day so I didn’t post a new tutorial this week either.  Instead, I have an update video for you including:

1) the final paint colors I chose for the new sewing studio- Thank you for all your input!
2) exclusive deal from just for Crafty Gemini fans- 50% or more off all their online crafting courses
3) farm update

Watch the video for complete details right HERE:

7 replies on “Craftsy deal just for you!

  • Joan_Ice

    Yay!It’s finally done! I love the floor treatment and your cutting table! Your studio is exploding with creativity! Just love it! I can’t wait to see you next secret project!

  • Safyiah

    Hello, I’ve been following your channel on youtube and your blog since I bought a sewing machine some months ago. I love your tutorials and I must thank you and congratulate you for such a good job!

    Unfortunately there are no rotary cutters for sale here in Egypt. Do you have any advice on how to cut straight with a scissors? I’ve been battling on this =S

  • Ipanema

    I thank you for all the things you post,I have learned a lot of things too,but what amazed me the more is your versatility “Cómo te las arreglas para hacer tantas cosas mujer,y mira que yo me considero una mujer maravilla”. It gave me a lot of satisfaction to see there are young women that still enjoy being professional, but also proudly taking care of their homes,families…and others,like us.God bless you Vanessa.


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