My secret is revealed!

Remember last month when I told you in this post that I had a secret? It included a one week trip to Denver, CO. Well, I can finally spill the beans!!

I am the newest instructor at!
I’m super excited (like you can’t tell) to tell you about my online sewing class- Sew Little: Nursery Design

Click on the image above to watch the course teaser and if you scroll down that page you can even watch a few short clips from the different lessons to give you a better idea of how it works.

I know the course is about nursery decor but the projects you’ll complete are not just for nurseries. Every project with the exception of the changing pad cover can be made for just about any room in the house.  I teach you how to make simple rod curtains, a valance, seat & back cushions for any chair and the changing pad cover.  I also cover embellishing techniques like making your own piping, several types of gathers/ruffles and an amazing pleated panel.

For a limited time you can click HERE to register at 50% off the original course price.
If you are not familiar with Craftsy courses here is the quickie breakdown:
-they never expire
-you can access them anytime, anywhere
– post questions for your instructor and other classmates
-upload pictures to ask for help on something or to show off your work
– money back guarantee
There are a ton of other classes for things like crocheting, knitting, quilting, machine quilting, jewelry making, gardening, couture sewing and so much more!
If you see a class you like use this exclusive link just for Crafty Gemini followers to get at least 50% off each course fee.
Here are some pics from my course shoot. I had a great time and everyone at Craftsy Headquarters was so awesome and a real pleasure to work with!
Fabrics I used in the course projects are from Westminster Fabrics/ Free Spirit: Sugar Hill by Tanya Whelan and Karavan by Valori Wells

10 replies on “My secret is revealed!

  • Dr. G

    Yay I’m super excited and plan on taking your class soon! Btw I used one of your tutorials the other day and got so many compliments about my work, even though I’m just a beginner sewer!

  • Mrs. D

    Hi V:
    Congratulations on your new oneline class at Craftsy! Didn’t I tell ya . . . move over Ms.M, here comes Vanessa!

    I love Craftsy classes online. I just found the Craftsy site this month and signed up for three classes! I’m taking two classes on machine quilting and one class on stitch and slash to create my own unique fabric. The classes are awesome. I’m having so much fun learning new techniques & sewing tips. Craftsy even offers an area to post photos of our finished sewing projects. I’m going to tell all my sewing buddies about it. Glad to hear you joined their team of teachers. You are a fabulous teacher! Best wishes, Mrs. D (a.k.a. Shoestring.)

  • Anonymous

    I am very proud of you for following your dreams & making this passion a tool to help others :-). I found ur videos a while back & it’s been amazing to see you join the ranks of “professional” crafters. Way to go!!!

  • Vanessa

    If Craftsy isn’t the perfect fit for you, I don’t know what is!! I am sooo excited for you Vanessa! I found out about Craftsy just recently, so I am new to the whole site, but I already love it!! Congratulations on becoming one of their sewing instructors, your class looks fabulous!

  • Kathy

    I love all of your stuff!! I can’t wait to sit down and just watch all your videos! I love to sew and do crafty things also. I just started a blog and trying to get followers and now I’m giving away a Tooth Fairy Pillow I made in a drawing on Friday. I invite you and anyone else that would like to join to come to


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