Block #2- Video Quilt Along- Amish Diamond Block

I’m so glad so many of you are following along in the first-ever Crafty Gemini Quilt Along!

So far I have heard from fans in U.S., Canada, Australia, India, Israel, Germany, Italy, England and Ireland that will be joining us. How awesome is that?! I just love the way the internet allows so many people all over the globe to come together like this! Are you following along and live in another country not mentioned here? If so, I would love to hear from you too!

Block #2 is an Amish Diamond quilt block. The diamond in the center makes it look like more complex than it actually is to make.  It’s  a great beginner block and comes together really quickly!

In the video tutorial for this block I also answer a few questions you have been asking me:
1) How big does the backing fabric have to be?
2) Do all fabrics need to be the same or can they be different for each block?

Remember that each block only requires two different fabrics- one should be your light and the other your dark fabric in the block.

If you missed it… read the first blog post for the quilt along by clicking HERE.

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