If you are in the U.S. and celebrate Thanksgiving I hope you had a great time eating some delicious food with your loved ones!

I cooked our first Thanksgiving dinner at the new farmhouse and I’ll just say it was a hit with the little family!

My butter and rosemary turkey was nice and juicy thanks to Alton Brown’s brining method.  I do it every year.

DS helping make the spicy cornbread to use in my dressing/stuffing recipe.

My dressing/stuffing … it was delicious! Made from homemade cornbread and breadcrumbs, herbs and crumbled sausage, etc.  As my husband was eating he told me to write down the recipe before I forget it!  I love experimenting in the kitchen… sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. This time it did and my recipe is a keeper!

My favorite part of dinner was my organic homegrown collard greens!

It is just the best feeling in the world to know that your food only had to travel a few feet to get to your table! My fall garden is growing GREAT so far!… can you believe no deer have come by to eat my goodies either?! We’ll see how long that lasts… but I’m sure having two dogs roaming the property sure helps!

Look at my very first organic garden! I’d say it looks pretty good for a first timer! What do you think?
Beets & carrots I mistakenly planted in the same row.  That’s what I get for not labeling them. Oh well!
First calendula bloom. I’ll be harvesting these to eat and infuse oil with for soaps and salves.
Dino kale… will be harvested real soon.
Part of our first real garden!
Onions galore!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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